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bytaterway, February 16, 2011
Unlike other reviewers, unfortunately my experience with this product has been poor. It would be great if it would work as stipulated, but like other reviewers, I have found the installation extremely complex. I am still unable to get it to work. I have two correspondences from the author, but they have been merely to check the forum which I already did prior to my e-mails. I spend a good eight hours working on it, and I am ready to give up. Here is how far I got.

1. I got the Lite version; it installed okay, but I would get the error XML format invalid for all the feeds I would put in.

2. Then I saw the Pro version was free too, so I downloaded that, installed it and ran into serious trouble. I was told that I do not have ioncube loader. Well, I loaded that and made it work with SELinux (security enhanced) - that took me a while. Finally, Pro version installed. Then I got stuck at the same point - invalid XML.

I was reviewing this seriously because I need to get a lot of feeds from a variety of sources and we were planning to use ontology to do auto tagging, but I cannot get the feed to work. Nor can I save a feed. I am also getting error in the code when I turned on the error logging to maximum.

It would be good to have installation help properly documented and available. I never had this much trouble installing a Joomla component.
Owner's reply

taterway, We spent over three hours to support a free product and to communicate with you! Great thanks, no respect! You use some custom server installed on your own pc, ok. As I told you repeatedly in the emails, your server does not support the necessary requirements. In our Terms of service: is written that: "Your server must support reqired from exstension requirements! You will get free support for any paid extension but we cant configure Your server!" You cant expect that we must configure your server for free extension!