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bytaylorce, September 13, 2012
Custom CSS
I'm not a pro at CSS, but this module allowed me to easily adjust some CSS on my site that would otherwise have required a hack that I'm not capable of. It is also useful when Joomla is being buggy and won't hide an article title on a specific page despite your explicit override on the global setting. Whatever the reason, this is a good module to have.
bytaylorce, August 15, 2012
DT Register
We have been a strong supporter of DT Register and have overall been very satisfied with the product.
However, the way that DT Register ties user field values to registrants prevents the successful execution of edits to live fields (notably drop down menus) and thus skews all existing registrant data. DT Register offered no support on this issue and instead told us that we would have to manually fix all existing records.
If you need to edit fields throughout the live registration process, this is not the software for you. Otherwise, it works.
Owner's reply

We offered this user support for this issue by fully explaining the way things work, what they had done, and two routes to correct it. Unfortunately, the results of the changes they made were not something we could fix... it wasn't a bug or anything like that... just data that they had gotten mixed around.

To make this clear for others... DT Register DOES allow you to make changes to your fields and registration forms during a live registration process. The potential issue is when you do anything to modify the ORDERING of values in a selection field. You can ADD values during live registration, just don't re-order existing ones and it's a non-issue.

This has been discussed in detail in a few threads on our forum, so it's not anything new. The existing structure, as with anything, has pros and cons. This is not a con that would even be an issue for the vast majority of sites. Out of the many thousands of DT Register users, this has come up so infrequently that we could count the instances on one hand over many years. This is just a matter of gaining understanding of a structure and working within it. :)

If this is something you have a concern for, please discuss it with us as you look at setting up your event. Most likely there is a better way to structure your form where you could get around this potential issue. Our fields are multiple times more flexible and powerful than any other solution... so there is always more than one solution to any event setup!