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bytazzarkin, July 20, 2012
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I was having problems using JFusion and MediaWiki. I don't like writing negative reviews, but in this case, it seems necessary.

First, let me emphasize that the support was adequate. Every time I wrote, they responded within a day or two. The programmers and I wrote back and forth about 10 times over the course of a week and half.

However, none of their solutions seem to fix the problem. Finally, I offered to write a blank check and told them, whatever they want to charge me, I would be willing to pay for them to spend 5 minutes to check out my site and see if they could fix my problem.

However, they said they were too busy, regardless of how much I pay. It was really disappointing. I bent over backwards doing everything they asked, only to be abandoned in the end.

So, now I'm uninstalling JFusion and using something else. If you are using MediaWiki, I recommend that you avoid JFusion. It may be great for other platforms, but not good for MediaWiki.

I apologize for writing a negative review.
Owner's reply

Hey there,

Firstly I apologize for the problem caused to you. I understand that it can be quite frustrating for the end user to not having required support.

All our team members are volunteers who contribute to the project only in their spare time. As such its not necessary that they always have time to help all our users. I hope you understand.

I can look into this issue for you if you are willing to give it another try. Please drop me an email to

Looking forward to seeing a positive reply from you soon.

Imran Ali
Project Manager

bytazzarkin, June 24, 2012
KO Custom Gift Card
This developer is really incredible!! He created an amazing product (there's nothing else like it for Joomla) and gave great customer service.
bytazzarkin, June 24, 2012
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Ko! Who's There
The developer of this product was so helpful in setting everything up. If you send him a message on his forum, he replies promptly within 24-48 hours and even took time out to guide me through the installation process.

I would give this product and service 10 stars if the number went up that high! Great Component and Module!!
bytazzarkin, February 12, 2012
Shape 5 Frontpage Display
I am not sure exactly what this module does. When I go to your demo page, it shows a bunch of stuff. Is it the top menu bar that you're talking about on your demo page? The thing that says "Shape 5", then "Joomla Products" and "WordPress Products", then it stays on top when you scroll the page. Is that what this product does? If that what it is, then it's really cool. That's the thing I want to get/buy. Is that what this product does? Similar to the Zn Loader, but for Joomla?
Owner's reply


What you are describing is our demo page, not the frontpage display module. On the page that loads when you click the demo button on this page you will see the frontpage display along with a full description of the module.