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bytcooney, October 4, 2011
Its pretty cumbersome, and does a basic job. For a paid service, I am disappointed. Would be much happier if they added a custom fields option. Ended up going with another free option instead after doing more digging, should have saved my money.
Owner's reply

I would have been more than happy to assist the user with any issues that may have had, but after cross referencing with my user base, there is no one that has paid for eTree named 'tcooney' or a username for that matter.

That being said, eTree isn't for everyone and I understand that. But to leave a negative comment about the component working in a way that they expect or for that matter demand it to do, is just not professional. If it works the way we advertise it to do, isn't that all the user should expect? It would be like me expecting (or Demanding) my Honda Civic to go over 200MPH and then complain to them it does in a public way.

Thank you.