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bytcrass, June 28, 2009
Security Images
I installed this plug-in with intent to use it to secure the site and it didn't work as I expected so I removed it.

For whatever reason I looked in my /media folder a few days ago and noticed 2 folders in there (which should not have been there, I created that folder for other stuff, I don't know why these folders went in there?!?!?)


Since they should not have been there and I'm not using securityimages on the site I moved these folders (I did not delete them just in case).

After I removed these two folders I was not able to use ANY of the administrator menus and it broke or changed several aspects of the site. I put these two folders back and everything is working again thankfully.

Either this is a nasty bug or it's potentially a very big problem in general. If a plug-in is removed should it not remove itself and not leave stuff behind like that? Especially things that can completely break a site.

I attempted to go to the support page to look if others also had this problem or if I could get a fix but the support site doesn't look like it's online right now.

Could be a good extension, but beware of these problems.
Owner's reply


if you look at the installer xml (securityimages.xml) you will see that none of these directories is created in /media. (and certainly not system)
The installer create /media/logo and /media/background so the only explanation is that YOU move something there. It cant be the code that create such a mess. I would look for directory alias (linux host). All in all, definitively not an error of my component.