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Of the hundreds of Joomla Extensions I've used and tested, this is clearly the most polished, well thought out and flawlessly executed. While I might be able to suggest one or two minor feature additions, I have absolutely no complaints.

It's impressive that such a young extension (in June 2011) has so few issues, and is so thorough and complete. This is one of the few extensions that looks like it had a multi-million dollar design team working on it. Beautiful to look at, with a design that will make your entire Joomla site look cleaner and more professional. Bravo!

Installation was fast and painless, everything is where it should be, no complex work-arounds, works PERFECTLY on Joomla 1.6 (the first component in my library that works without issues on 1.6!). I can't say enough good things about Easy Blog!
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Thank you very much for your feedbacks :)

bytctundra, June 29, 2011
I had high hopes for this extension because the developers clearly have high graphical and layout design standards. The advertised feature set is unique in the JED, and if the software worked, it has a LOT of potential. I will continue to re-evaluate as time goes on, but as of June 29, 2011, this extension is too buggy to use. In Joomla 1.6.3 and 1.6.4, this is simply the buggiest of any extension I've ever used. Required workarounds at every step, php.ini adjustments, multiple support requests, and lots of effort - and with all that effort, it still doesn't work. Error messages at every turn, non-functioning menu items, non-functioning modules. at first the support was quick to blame my host - Rochen - but once their issue with Rochen was fixed, even more unrelated issues popped up.

I'll gladly adjust this review if the component developers fix these issues, but sadly I suspect they won't have any time to work on the component, because they are busy providing support.

As far as their support goes, expect 3-8 hours to get a one line, unhelpful response. They wasted quite a bit of my time stringing me along when they could have just written a complete answer to my issue in the first response. Not particularly polite, slow responses without a lot of depth. Waste of my time and money.

P.S. this is the first negative review I've ever written, and my library contains over 300 Joomla extensions.
Owner's reply

I'll be streight to the topic:
- php.ini adjustments are not needed, there are no work around needed and in joomla 1.6.3 and 1.6.4 it works.
- we do have time to work on the component and that's the thing we love doing the mos, and facts prove it: > 8 releases in 8 weeks ;-)
- We offer immediate refunding policy so if you think ohanah is not for you, don't need to waste your money/time, just ask for a refund and we will do it within a day.

I've been using RS Fiewall for over one year (my first subscription just expired) ad am utterly impressed. I've used a few other RS components, and while the rest are good, this is polished, well documented, and just plain works. I admit that I did have a problem when I selected for RS to "fix" my PHP.ini file - let's just say it didn't work. No need to fix this, though. It may work for some configurations, but the fixed php.ini file caused problems for me. Now I just skip this suggestion when performing the site scans. Regardless, I was able to follow their simple instructions to revert to the original file, and this and all of the other sites I administer are running smoothly. I haven't had ANY security issues with any of my sites since installing, and was having problems daily before.

This software has saved me tens, if not hundreds of hours or headaches, and is worth every penny. I won't build a Joomla site without it.
bytctundra, January 12, 2011
Simple, intuitive, clean, easy to manage from front and back end. At first glance, you'll probably think it's TOO simple, but when you access the back-end configuration and paramenters you'll be impressed by how simple, powerful and efficient this is. The file management (folders and naming structure) is unbeatable, and allows you to use other extensions to help manage your files. No other extension allows this, because they all use such morphodite file naming and storage routines.

I've been using this since 1.3.4. The version 1.x.x component didn't quite meet my needs, but the improvements since 2.x.x are dramatic. This is now one of my most used extensions, and I have very few complaints. The only feature I'd like to see added right now is some additional control over sort ordering. Even a simple approach like allowing an up/down arrow ordering like a Joomla article would be nice. The included sorting options are very nice and functional, but sometimes automated ordering just doesn't work.

That said, I couldn't live without this component. Thank you!
bytctundra, June 10, 2010
One of the better commercial extensions I've purchased. Clean, simple to use and install, and extremely powerful. A mini GIS tool for Joomla. the developer sends out updates that are helpful (not spam) and responds quickly to questions, issues, and feature suggestions. I've been using it for almost a year, and support and function is still perfect. This extension is limited only by your imagination- I think of new uses everyday for my dozen or so sites...