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bytdburns, July 11, 2012
I am always a little skeptical about reviews of how great an extension is. This one lives up to reviews and then some. Installed and configured in minutes. The integration of WP blog entries with existing Joomla! template exceeded my wildest expectations for such a simple product. I guess I really like it!
bytdburns, May 17, 2012
Pro Image Flow
This is an impressive module and the output looks great. The one negative, and in my case a VERY BIG negative, is that it requires flash to display the images. This makes the slideshow useless on iPad/iPhone/iPod devices. This requirement is not mentioned anywhere in the documentation. If I had know about the flash requirement, I would have never purchased this add-on!
Owner's reply

Thanks for your time to leave feedback for this extension.
Unless you haven't noticed, this product is listed under the "Image Flash Slideshow" subcategory, so complaining about the "flash requirement" information, is not something we've missed.

bytdburns, March 8, 2012
Zaragoza Latest News
The module is simple to instyall and configure and works quite well. There is one fatal flaw which needs immediate attention. Regardless of what you supply for the read more custom text, if you enable display read more, the page only displays "Leer más". There is no viable way to submit a support request, so you are left with disabling this feature which limits the usefulness of the module. Currently average, but could easily be Excellent if this problem was addressed.
Owner's reply

I have fixed that bugs in 1.0.1 version.

Ciro Artigot

bytdburns, September 17, 2011
Simple Picture Slideshow
The extension is easy to install and configure. The documentation is great and comprehensive. The only problem is that the slideshow does not work on an iPad. I wanted a good slideshow to circumvent the lack of Flash support on and iPad, but this does not meet my needs.
bytdburns, August 3, 2011
ARI Ext Menu
I tried several menu options and this is definitely the best. Very flexible and easy to customize. I wish there was some documentation available to better explain use of th4e product, but the support via the forums is amazing. Forum support is far better than most other products I have used before, which is saying something for a free product. I highly recommend this product and ARI Soft.