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Akeeba Backup
Let's be straight. This is THE extension. This is THE first extension I install on new sites for development. I use it to version in a simple manner during localhost development. Then I use it to transfer the site to my server and automatically configure the site. Then I use it to backup the site regularly.

All this is available on the free version. That is a 5 star product.

Why go paid? I don't have to do anything any more. My sites e-mail me when they need my help! My sites back themselves up before extension installs. My sites back themselves up at set times. My sites send their backups into the cloud and I do NOTHING!

Is that worth the cost. Yes. Even more so when you look at the pricing model.

Nicholas must be the drunkest man at every Joomla Event he attends as everybody must be buying him drinks! I know I will when I eventually get to one!
byteamTmedia, May 22, 2014
Admin Tools Professional
Immediately after I install Akeeba Backup on any new build I install Akeeba Admin Tools (yep, even before K2). I have always used this tool but never REALLY needed it until 2 weeks ago.

Sure I have had hacking attempts but they have been fairly innocuous and nothing has happened....until now.

OK, it was my fault. My site hadn't be updated in a while and suddenly I was covered in Finnish spammed content. It only took 2 minutes to remove it and delete the users but sure enough they were back.

I would love to thank those hackers (after spanking them with a plank with a nail coming out of it) for pushing me to make that decision.

Ah, the joy I get in watching the e-mails come in. "Security Exception" "Security Exception" "Security Exception" .......



Yep, that's worth the money. On a plus side my clients are as pleased as punch that I can provide this increased security for free.

The downside? The heart attack when you accidentally blacklist your own IP for the first time. OK it only takes 2 minutes to fix but the feeling when your site completely blocks you?

In short....BUY IT!
byteamTmedia, March 20, 2014
JA K2 Filter and Search
Flawless. Worth every penny (cent) of the $50 for a year's membership to the extension club. If you have a large quantity of items in a K2 category (or multiple categories) and want to make it easy for your users to find what they want then this is for you.

With the multi-site licencing structure this tool will pay for itself 10 times in the year!

My only gripe is that I didn't spot the float that was messing up my divs for 10 minutes....oh well, if that's it then I'm a very happy bunny.
JM Responsive Slideshow
I have to mark it down by 1 star as there is an outstanding loading issue that needs resolving. Knowing this company the way I do I know they're onto it and it might well have been resolved with the latest update...just got to get round to it.

If you are looking for this kind of extension you really should give this a go as they WILL help you if you have an issue. Great support forum.
JM Deluxe Layer Slideshow
Immediately there is a caveat, but this is true of any software stepping outside of the box so no points off. This is a software in development and will need to be continuously. I found one of 2 small issues with it. I feel that I must mention at this point that I contracted JM to do some custom development work on the component so I AM talking about something at "alpha" stage.

As a customer they have treated me very well and have worked well beyond the original contract to get the end result and my customer is blown away!

A very diligent company, just remember the time difference (I don't have to as I am in the same time-zone) for Vietnam.

Thanks guys for your ongoing support and patience....brilliant.
JU Sticky Panel
If I were to knock this fantastic plugin for anything it would be the lack of documentation. Nonetheless the support forum is well attended and they are quite willing to work alongside you to resolve issues.

To get the most out of this you will need to understand css to utilise the over-rides.

The end result is stable, cross-browser compatible and solves a problem elegantly in the back-end without much fuss.