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SP Image Gallery
I have been using Joomlaworks' Simple Image Gallery plugin for years (not connected to this one as I understand) but then I needed to insert a gallery into a module and found that it didn't work.
This module did the job, ultimately, but it needed some tweaking.

The problem is that if you deselect "maintain aspect ratio", (say you want a square thumbnail for all images), instead of cropping them, it creates squished thumbnails.

Luckily, it also creates a permanent thumbnails subfolder in the image gallery folder. So I worked around it by replacing its thumbnails with ones I cropped to square myself.

It worked for a single gallery but I wouldn't want to have to do it on a mass scale. For that, I give 3 stars only.
byteapot, August 11, 2013
Add FullAjax
When I installed this plugin and saw the magic it did to my site, I honestly let out a very loud WAHOOOOWWWW!!!
Blown away.
I never thought ajax on a heavy joomla site could be this easy! You can literally browse through the whole site without even once experiencing that "page is gone - page is back" feeling like you normally do when switching URLs.

I just hope the plugin continues to be developed into joomla 3.5. I'm running joomla 2.5 for now but I think this is going to be an integral part of every website I make from now on.
Guys, I'd pay for this!
byteapot, August 9, 2013
I just want to say, this is one of the best supported extensions I've come across. I couldn't get translation imports from joomfish for j1.5 to work in j2.5. The developer made a big effort to sort it out asap, and issued a new version with a fix, within a few days. For a free component, that is really a rare kind of commitment.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review,

just wanted to say that this was addressed relatively quickly

because we considered it a bug

The import did not work with
- J1.5 data of Joomfish v2.2+ or with J2.5+ Falang Data,
we could have said that this is a feature request and address it in the future

Upcoming version of FLEXIcontent will be very nice for people upgrading from J1.5 (with Joomfish) to J2.5+, or having J2.5+ with Falang and wanting to switch to the Joomla way of one article per language

byteapot, March 1, 2013
Recently I installed one other security extension which informs me of failed log-in attempts to the admin section, and blocks the IP if too many occur.

Until then I never even knew how frequent brute force attempts to guess the admin password were! Nevermind the fact I changed the default admin username to something random and used a really complicated password, I still I ended up getting a dozen alerts for each joomla site I administer, per day! It really freaked me out.

With AdminExile - no more. Now the wicked hack bots can't even try. Awesome. :D
Owner's reply

That was my intention when I wrote this extension. Because you can't bruteforce a form that you can't access.

byteapot, January 17, 2013
I almost decided to use Falang instead of Joomfish on joomla 2.5. Almost.

I was migrating an old 1.5. site to 2.5. and read in the forums that it's better to use Falang.
It seems to be identical to joomfish at first, however, I realised that unlike with joomfish, the item aliases that appear in the URLs don't get translated!

This may seem like a minor compromise for a new site, but in my case all my old URLs in the second language would have to change. I'm sorry but that's an SEO disaster, and this matters to me.

I've decided to stick with the buggy prerelease version of joomfish for 2.5 instead. For now at least. I'll keep my eye on Falang too... It will be interesting to see in the near future which one of these two adapts to joomla 3.5 first... going to be quite a race I think.
Owner's reply


Yes you're right Falang don't translate url (soon) but you can use another sef tool to do it. like joomsef , acesef, mijosef....
The version for joomla 3.0 will be launch this week.

byteapot, March 22, 2011
Link with Article Images on Facebook
Finally! An automated way to tackle the wicked facebook share thumbnails! Works fantastic!
byteapot, March 21, 2011
Well, I installed this plugin in my joomla 1.6.1, and what I get as the meta page description on EVERY page, is the information from the site footer. FOOTER! Same thing on every page. In other words it is not drawing text from the article at all, but from a random module, in the footer. I have no idea how that even works. But it is disastrous. Uninstalling.
Owner's reply

Let me say that Metagenerator v2.0 for joomla 1.6 is still in Beta phase and bugs is expected to be found so you can go to my discussions group in order to get it working for you and all other users who can have the sample problem.

byteapot, November 12, 2010
This plugin is going to be useless until it figures out a way to tackle line breaks.

For some reason Wordpress doesn't save any or tags in its mysql tables.

Because of this, when JConverter moves content to Joomla, all the articles lose their basic formatting and become big unbroken lumps of text.

What am I supposed to do with that? Open each one manually and enter line breaks? It'll be easier to just copy paste them into a text editor manually, I don't need this plugin at all then.
Owner's reply

Quite old post but this issue was fixed long back. Updating the thread for new users benefit.