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bytebyerly, August 26, 2010
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Ignite Gallery
I bought the full version of the component before using the free trial because I was in a hurry. I made a mistake and it cost me $40. You can learn from my mistake and save $40. Download the free trial and try it first!

In reviewing the support blog, you can see that there is definitely a pattern of the component not working well with templates (other than the default ones supplied with Joomla) and other modules or plugins. Unfortunately, you can't see the support blog until after you pay for the full version.

The developer does respond to problems quickly, unfortunately he seems to answer most problems with the same canned response. I received the same canned responses that many others on the support blog received to problems similar to mine and dissimilar to mine.

He'll cut and paste instructions from the "help" file that have nothing to do with your specific instance, (I think hoping that you'll wear-out in doing the laborious processes and just go away) and then if you do actually take the time to follow the instructions to no avail, he'll follow with the ultimate "waste of time".

When nothing works to the resolve the problem, he ends with, "You need to turn off all modules and components in the site, except for his, switch to a Joomla default template, switch on one module or component at a time until you locate the conflicting component. Once the conflict is identified you either trouble-shoot php on your own, or decide which component is more valuable to you and ditch the other.

I decided this "one-in-a-thousand" photo gallery function wasn't worth my time and pulled the component out and found another one that plays well in the real world.
Owner's reply

tebyerly made a support request that the gallery was not working.

I quickly looked at the site and saw the the link to mootools (the javascript library that comes with Joomla) was missing.

I have seen this problem many times before, and it almost always happens because the template uses jquery (another javascript library), and the template is programmed to remove any links to mootools.

As the template did use jquery, I gave some information on what code to look for/remove in the template, but no code that removes mootools could be found.

I asked that a temp login be sent to me, so I could have a look for anything removing the link to mootools. All of the above happened within 3 hours of the original request being made.

tebyerly did not send me a login, decided the gallery is not suitable, and removed it and left this review.

If it was the case that tebyerly's template (or some plugin) is programmed to remove mootools, it is not correct to blame the gallery. There are hundreds of extensions that will not work with mootools (a core part of Joomla) disabled. I did not get the chance to prove the fault is not with the gallery.

I don't think the above comments about support being slack are accurate. I made an honest effort to solve the problem, but tebyerly moved on before the support thread was half a dozen posts long, or before it was 3 hours old.

If you want to see what my support is like you can look in the trial version support part of the support forum, it is open to the public.