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bytechknow, May 30, 2012
Cookie Monster
From the outset, the extension offered the solution of solving the EU cookie issue on my website.
I was planning to use it on a large Joomla 2.5.4 news and information site that has a large membership base. Installing the plugin was very simple. I am reasonable familiar with Joomla. However after purchasing and installing the system plugin, I ran into difficulties. The accept/decline box would not appear on the site even though I had cleared all cookies and approached the loading of the site from the perspective of a first time visitor. I used the software authors support service to find a solution to my problem. To their credit they did offer me support & help in trying to resolve my problem. They made a claim that the fault was a JQuery conflict from another installed module and advised me what to do. Their solution was too complex for me personally to put into practice. They did visit my site and personally verified that it did work. SO full marks for the level of support. For a short period of time, I indeed verified on various systems that it worked but for some unexplained reason the plugin ceased to work and I emphasise that no changes to my site or any configurations caused this to occur. It simply stopped working!! Frustrating...!! So I asked a software technical colleague to look over the plugin and he reported back that he cannot understand himself how or why it works. So my honest constructive opinion here is that you should exercise caution before purchasing, downloading and installing this plugin. I suggest that you browse the authors website and try to determine if the plugin will actually work on your site. They do offer some advice regarding this. Several people have reported on the authors site that they have had some difficulties with the plugin and I am simply adding my bit to this. I have disabled and removed the plugin. I can only give this plugin an average rating mostly refelcting the quality of their support versus the ease of the plugins functionality. It might work on your site, but then again, depending on other plugins/modules etc., that make up your Joomla website - it might not!
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bytechknow, January 2, 2011
Hotspots Pro
Exactly what my site needs. I have tried other similar modules and Hotspots really hits the right spot! I am a noobie and I have a website with a large membership base tha I want to display graphically as well as manage graphically categories for suppliers and other related company's. I found that Hotspots was downloaded and setup in a matter of minutes. Configuring the module was surprisingly easy with helpful Balloon tips to advise on some of the more trickier decisions. Hotspots is the current leader in this area in my humble opinion.
bytechknow, August 3, 2010
CComment Pro
Article comments are an important & central feature to my website. I downloaded and used the free version of compojoom for a year and was so impressed with its robust features that I was happy to buy the subsequent upgrade. Overall it is very simple to set up. One possible concern was the small amount of modification to the docman template php code that had to take place before the full features of compojoom could be integrated and used. This is not a nice thing for a newbie to face. However, the instruction manual was clear, concise and does make the task relatively straight-foward. A worthy purchase.
bytechknow, July 30, 2010
Accordion FAQ
An excellent module. It took about 10mins to install and a further 15 mins to learn how to configure it. I like the comprehensive tutorial and help provided on the website. The module certainly helps improve the functionality and general overall look. Well done. I recommend that you try out and support this project