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byteddy2009, April 21, 2013
Responsive Background Slideshow
If you want to have a nice animated background on your site, you can't make anything wrong with this module, all kinds of sites will just look better.
Just select your background images and save (default settings will produce a nice tilt/zoom effect), that's all - the module does the rest, and it does it good!

The best part about this module: No matter if you want to create a animated background slideshow with zoom/tilt effects, or if you just want to have a static background image - all in between is possible, just play around with the settings.

Thanks for this fantastic module.
byteddy2009, April 1, 2013
R Antispam
This is really amazing, my forum has been flooded by spambots, and after installing this great plugin, spamming just stopped instantly.

This is just a must have if you have a forum on your site.

Thanks for this great plugin
byteddy2009, April 1, 2013
Responsive eXtro jQuery Gallery
I've tested many gallery extensions, but finally used this since it offers great features, easy usability and nice style. Your gallery can not only consist of 'simple' images, you can also add video files or videos from different platforms (youtube, vimeo, etc.) without making the process of creating your gallery extremely complex.

This gallery module is truly powerful and easy to use at the same time.

Support is fast and friendly, they'll solve your problem very fast.

Thank you for this great gallery module.
byteddy2009, April 1, 2013
VM was and is still the best free shopping cart for Joomla. In the starting days of VM2, there have been some problems and maybe they should have released it one or two months later, but when working on such a huge project (and nearly rewriting the whole code to make it MVC compliant - my respect for that), errors can happen.
Anyway, VM2 now has reached a stable version and when setting up a ecommerce site, this is my first choice.
byteddy2009, April 1, 2013
I've been using Sobi now for many years, this is by far the best directory component for Joomla. It's a tool for professionals which allows you to customize it as you like, plus there are a lot of specific extensions available which make this component even better. Creating your own Sobi template is quite easy, and with XSL it offers a both flexible and powerful way to display your data in the frontend.

Thanks a lot for this great extension