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bytedlevy, October 15, 2011
Akeeba Backup
I use this extension for every site. It is essential if you ever move a site to another server. The capability -- new -- to backup sites remotely from any client and save the backup remotely anywhere is extremely convenient. I encountered a very obscure issue with windows task scheduler and received prompt, thorough, and accurate support assistance from Nicholas. Virtually alone among free extensions (not to mention paid ones) the documentation is phenomenal. Extremely thorough, detailed, and precise, with many examples. Not only that, even within the extension there are many links to the documentation, precisely at the point whjere your question arises. And although I recognize that the Joomla communittis very diverse and international, nonetheless it is very helpful for me personally to be able to converse with a developer whose English is perfect, especially as my Greek is non-existent!

I cannot recommend this extension highly enough.