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bytedtuesday, December 19, 2012
Very hard extension to use, very poor support. I have waited weeks for support from the forum on multiple support requests, and have not received help with any of my issues. I would recommend that you be very careful selecting this extension.
Owner's reply

yes, your support request got of scope 3 months ago in summer, when we trained new staff.

I already apologized for that in your first review and the moment we got informed about that we immediately answered on your request pretty detailed.

Your support request was very specific in one hand and in the other you asked a couple of things that are explained pretty well in the documentation already.

I also sent you plenty of emails about your support request but never got any answer from you.

It is also not true that the extension is hard to use:

Your request was about changing the behavior (hacking) of BreezingForms in a way that YOU prefer but the majority doesn't. Please understand that we don't offer custom programming for basic subscriptions.

What I actually don't understand is that you are able to post such a review but never reply on our emails regarding your issues? Can it be that you entered the wrong email in our system?

However, I don't know how to help you further if you never reply to any of our attempts to help you.

I will report this review and hope that the JED team will ask you to get in contact with us, otherwise I don't see you having any interest in getting our own issues solved which makes your review obsolete.