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byteejay818, December 6, 2012
HTML 2 Articles
I have a very large Joomla site that holds help articles. We have to convert 1000's of articles from our old Robohelp files and because we have so many articles, this is a huge undertaking. I found this component and it has been great. It does convert many files at a time... and it is fast. Although we have some cleanup, it eliminates much of the work. I was concerned it would crash the database if there was too much work based on this component but that has not happened. Fast, efficient, and it is worth the money!
byteejay818, September 25, 2011
Include Component
This extension is a life-saver!!! For those who do not code, but need to extend a a component beyond where it was meant to go, you need this, it works!

Again, thanks for this...
byteejay818, November 4, 2010
2J News Slider
This slider was built so it can be easily modified to match your site. It is intuitive and easy to use. It also seemed to avoid some of the conflicts that other sliders had with my site (mootools, versus jquery, etc.).

Due to time I have spent troubleshooting other sliders, it was so nice to buy this one and have it work out of the box. It's worth the money because it saves your time.

Good Job!
byteejay818, April 13, 2007
I am new to Joomla and had an idea for a form to send mobile links from my content. I used Jumi to create this with a few modifications to a script I have and it worked very well, very quickly. Now if my .css skills were only better-- Jumi is really great and I can see it for many other uses.