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byteenoo, August 28, 2011
HD-Article Mod
Sorry, but i can't give you more then three stars. The problem ist, the "articles anywhere" plugin from the developer have the same effect since a long, long time ago and gives you the posibilities to include articles in any modules and any other places on the website where an editor window is available (articles in articles).

Thats the reason of my average rating. There is nothing new and no innovation.
byteenoo, February 24, 2011
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ARTIO Booking
This is a good first step for a free Booking component for Joomla...but not more! For the moment is this simply too far away from a productive and sensefull extension. The possibilites are just minimalistic. As example, it's not usable for a Roombooking in a Hotel.

I hope that the Coder will spend in the future a lot of time in the developement of this extension.

Thanks for your effort.
Owner's reply

thanks for your feedback. Well, you are right. But you need also to understand that this was just a first initial release and it is a very complex component. More features and options will be added in the next releases.
As example, the room (overnight) booking and payment integrations will be available in the next release coming within a few days.

byteenoo, November 6, 2010
Details Toggle
You have do a good job. But this Extension is not perfect.

The reasons:

the effect is on every view of the content, so in category-, section- and detail view. it's helpful in category, section or frontpage view. But in details view should it be possible to deactivate.

I think it must bei possible to deactivate it with a additional strings, because i have a plugin which makes automaticaly links for special keywords. and if you don't would this in a article, then you have a string which deactivate this.

the view with K2 articles is not perfect on the frontpage. the view on category and details is absolutly okay.

It would be nice if there's a possibility in the future to make slides in slides. There would give more different possiblities.

In the moment i will use this for special articles and faq's where not needed in other views.

Many thanks.
Owner's reply

Thanks for reviewing.
I don't understand very well the issues. I would really appreciate if you contact me by email (you can find the address in the footer of my website) and maybe you send me the link to the your pages, so I can see the issues with my eyes :D
With your help I can surely improve my plugin.
Thanks again!

byteenoo, October 16, 2010
it's a excellent extension for a excellent CCK.

and the support is extremly fast and 1st class.

good job...
byteenoo, October 1, 2010
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Superb Slideshow
This extension is descripted with "LEGACY". If this is waste our time. We have 2010/10/01 !!!
Owner's reply


I have updated the module with 1.5 native

also i have update the module for joomla 1.6 and 1.7

Check out the live demo :

Thanks & Regards

Sorry, but i give you just 3 stars for a avarage product.

What is the sense behind a content construction kit? Exactly, a frontend submission/editing. You can build a predefined Contentstyling with various fields, so that can a not-webexpert submit his content and it looks allways in the same style. If this feature is missing, for me this is just a better templater for the backend, like the tiny "templater" from on JED.

Now you have the same problem like flexicontent, but flexicontent will add this feature very soon. And if you compare your extension with the jSeblod solution, then you are very far away from it. And jSeblod is totaly free, without any commercial components and more powerful.

I say absolutly nothing against the quality of this product, but i can't see a sense behind a "Ferrari with three weels".

I do not work for jSeblod :-) . But I know all the CCK's for Joomla
Owner's reply

It is clearly stated that ZOO 2.0 has currently no frontend submission. See the IMPORTANT note in the extension description above.

Why you are complaining about this and giving a bad review when it is clearly stated? Why don't you just go with another extension which fits your requirements?

byteenoo, March 19, 2010
Week of Words
it's a small product, which make your life easier with a daily powerfull slogan for more motivation.
and there are a lot of more posibilities. You can show the daily opening times of a restaurant or something else.

guys, well done...
byteenoo, March 15, 2010
Encrypt configuration
sorry, but you get only 4 stars from me. i have tried today to make directly your new update. but this is not possible without uninstall of the old version.

this is maybe just one small thing. but for me is this very important, and for my customers too. and that is the reason cause i'll you give not 5 stars.
Owner's reply

I appreciate your four stars and your critics too.
I have updated a new version, 1.0.7. In this version data is automatically backed up on uninstallation and restored on installation.

byteenoo, March 13, 2010
many thanks for this excellent extension. this is exactly what i'm was looking for. and the best of all: "sigplus Image Gallery Plus has all features included without requiring commercial upgrades or paid club membership."
byteenoo, December 21, 2009
Is there an alternative product with the same possibilities and the same quality. I could not find it in the past. This one is the solutions of my problems.
byteenoo, December 21, 2009
Add to Menu
With this extension you'll get the same effekt like with the Cache Cleaner.

- one button
- visible if you need it
- one click
- and be happy....
byteenoo, December 21, 2009
Content Templater
If you like it to work 24 hours per day with your computer, then stay away from Content Templater! Do not use it, hands off! Okay, it is just a small joke, but if you need often the same style in your page, this extension will safe a lot of your time.
byteenoo, December 21, 2009
Cache Cleaner
1. Only a button
2. always visible
3. just one click
4. already done

A way to make it more simple? NOOOOOO!
byteenoo, December 21, 2009
Modules Anywhere
I love this extension. There is no way for me to make it easier to integrate a module in a content item.
byteenoo, December 21, 2009
I have tested this extension and it is excellent like all the other NoNumber! Software. But for the moment i don't have a reason to use it. but i'm sure it becames "a good place" in one of my futher projects.
byteenoo, December 21, 2009
Better Preview
I am using very often the preview function (maybe 50 times a day). And if you don't have a highspeed dsl connection, you will love it to get directly the right page without starting always first at the mainpage.
byteenoo, December 21, 2009
Advanced Module Manager
The Advanced Module Manger gives you more possibilities and is more comfortable then the original Module Manager.
byteenoo, December 21, 2009
Okay, this is a good component, but what i can't understand is, that this is a cck without a frontend editing?
It is very easy to make fields, categories and it's a beautifull drag 'n' drop template system.
but without a frontend access to fill the articles with content is this component for me personaly not realy senseful.

This could be the most needed cck component for joomla 1.5. But for the moment i will use still jseblod cck. This is a little bit more difficult, but there are more posibilities.

You have done very good job. When it next year are also the front-end editing, you'll get from me seven stars.
byteenoo, December 9, 2009
If you need a projectmanagement, so you need projectfork.

If you are working professional with biger projects Joomla! Sites and Portals like me, then you need a full functional projectmanagement. this component should be your first choice. it's absolutly professional in design and function.

thanks to giving for free...
byteenoo, December 8, 2009
I think this is a real excellent component. K2 is not SOBI2!, because this both don't do exactly the same. They have a lot of differences. I use both components at the same time and i have more potential to give my users different optical effects on my homepage. Items in Joomla are not syncronized automaticaly with the K2 items, so you can get more different styles for your content.

Maybe becomes the K2 CCK for the future some functions more, but for a non-commercial software ist this at the moment one of the best joomla extensions.
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