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bytekhoi, May 5, 2012
Social Tabs
I purchased this addon as it seemed to have the functionality I needed.

My first problem was the vendors website cart wasn't functioning and I had to make a manual Paypal payment to the developer.

Once I installed the extension all seemed OK at first then I noticed the Facebook tab only worked with the developers own FB page.

I contacted the developer by email and after a few exchanges we weren't getting anywhere so I setup a test installation of Joomla and gave the developer access.

This was 3 days ago and since then I have not been able to get in touch with the developer. So while the product looks good its let down by a lack of support.
Owner's reply

"As per our other reviews you can see our top class customer support ". i requested few things to the user (access details to site) but i never get those details . How anyone can debug problem without the access of the site ? and it seems mr tekhoi have a habit to put poor rating to everyone (please see other reviews provided by him).

and when i get those details i fix them instantly (check it out here : .

bytekhoi, November 2, 2009
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Shape 5 Text Ticker
I would expect a news ticker to take the titles from existing articles, with this you have to manually enter the news items to be displayed.