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bytekyn, December 13, 2011
Tweet Display Back
This component is awesome. Unfortunately, I cannot use the latest version due to a major Admin bug in Joomla 1.5 which prevents changes from being saved to multiple settings. I am using version 2.0.1 without issue, which unfortunately doesn't have all of the great style control of version 2.1.1. If this issue was fixed this module would be worth 10 stars! Simply amazing control of your twitter feed.
bytekyn, September 10, 2008
Wow! This is a perfect file explorer. It is everything that joomlaXplorer was for Joomla 1.0, but better. Very attractive, but best of all, quite functional. I am able to *edit* (not just view) the files on my server with no fuss or mess. Ajax is well-used on this component for on-demand loading and friendly context menus to make this super-easy to use. Easier to use than even the best FTP, and it's just one click away.

This component should really be part of the base Joomla 1.5 install.

Note: I did have a minor installation issue where the tar and gzip scripts couldn't be read, leaving me to unpack a couple files manually.
bytekyn, August 29, 2008
Google Maps by Reumer
This is by far the best Google Maps solution I've seen for Joomla yet. Loaded with features and relatively easy to use. I would like the ability to pre-configure multiple addresses in the back-end to avoid all the in-line mess with the tags, but that's just icing.

The only issue I had is that when I tried to change the Google API version to "2.s" instead of "2.x" (to force stable-only releases, as it says in the documentation) the marker(s) refused to show up.