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bytellmygov, July 29, 2013
Migrate Me
best support and it worked great.
If you are thinking about getting this extension? stop thinking just get it!! you will not regret it!
bytellmygov, August 21, 2012
I never leave comments but I do have to do it for stackideas, first of all; all the components are fantastic and mark is really good at what he does. I opened a support ticket and he was on the backend in less then 5 minutes. He even helped me on issues that were not there components. I was trying to fix something for 4 days and he came in and fixed it in 10 minutes again it was not even his own component. I purchased almost all their software and if they bring in new extensions, i will buy it in a heartbeat. I would finish by saying that if you use them you will not be sorry.