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bytenoch, September 8, 2012
sifi converter
There are not a many extensions for math or engineering, and this extension is great

I hope in a future to find more advanced extensions, like equation solvers

bytenoch, August 31, 2012
Scroll Feed Display
Is working Excellent in Mozilla FireFox and Google Chrome

But is not working on Internet Explorer 9
bytenoch, November 24, 2011
Hotspots Pro
This is the best component of it kind, after trying many others, I am very happy with this one

And support is very fast

bytenoch, November 1, 2011
I installed this extension, and it worked as spected

But All my admin users started to receive spam messages
I reported this some monts ago, and I was told to upgrade to latest version to fix it.

After some monts, spam is back

I am recieving emails (me and all superadministrators) with information about Gtranslate Pro
And without any option to be removed from list

This is spam
Very bad
bytenoch, January 26, 2010
Very good component, there is only one thing missing, a sound option, when someone send you a message, like facebook sound
bytenoch, January 2, 2010
JE Pretty Smooth Menu
It works great, but there are a few problems

My First or Defualt Menu Item, intead of going to my main url (example: ) it goes to the name of menu item ( )
When Joomla convert this to, this menu extension doesn't

So, I have duplicated urls

Second, some external URLs with SEF enable, are not working properly
Owner's reply

We solve the SEF problem in our next version. Also we send you mail with latest version.