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byteryakisan, March 20, 2014
Masters Auto Read More
This is exactly what our site needed, a way to condense down the massive articles into visually pleasing and digestible intro text with read more links and article images. Not only does it bring the exact functionality that we needed to the table, but it also makes it SUPER EASY to use CSS to style everything so that it matches our site. The outstanding performance doesn't end with the software. When we needed a plugin to add extra functionality to our site, Chris whipped it up for us in less than an hour for a very affordable fee. If there were a such thing as a six-star rating, I'd click it twice.
byteryakisan, February 10, 2014
The E-Shop component is really great for boutique style websites and the support offered is absolutely second to none that I have previously received. If you need an easily understandable, yet extremely powerful web shop, give this one a try.
byteryakisan, January 2, 2014
ACL Manager
ACL Manager is one of those components that you just can't live without. Only one tiny issue the whole time I've been using it and I put in a support ticket at 2:30am and had the correct answer to my problem in my inbox in 5 minutes. A quick php5.ini edit (not even a component problem) and we were back in business.

Sander offers a top-notch product with unbeatable technical support. The ACL Component has far surpassed my expectations, and I'm pretty sure I'll never create another Joomla site without it. Highly Recommended. Thanks Sander!
byteryakisan, July 24, 2013
Facebook All
Being a first time Facebook app user, I was not familiar with setting up an application on the Facebook end. I sent an email to the support team and they replied within the hour. One radio button tick on the application side and boom it works!! Not every developer will provide extended support for their extensions, but these guys do! A+