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bytestician, November 9, 2011
j!Language Editor
Simply one of the most useful components in joomla. Should probably be in the core.
bytestician, August 8, 2011
Universal AJAX Live Search
The is a brilliant extension. It works so well and is very customisable. But what I like most about this team is that they are very up on what is needed by their users. Whenever I contact them to ask for new features, they are already on the case building and testing exactly the new things that are needed.

I really like the skill they've demonstrated in creating things, that make Joomla sites easy to use and navigate. Definitely a team to watch as they improve existing and bring out new interface extensions for Joomla.
bytestician, May 3, 2008
Joomlearn LMS Silver Edition
After waiting a long time for this component to be re-released I was not dissapointed. It is very well thought out and the abitlity to assign students to HR departments makes it perfect for providing training to companies as well as individuals.

Joomla Showroom is making a big effort to provide some pretty special components to the Joomla community such as this one and Registration Pro, so they really deserve our support. Their support was very responsive also. So all in all I think this component is well worth it for anyone who wants to add an attractive looking and fully featured academy to their web site.

I hope Joomla Showroom continues to develop new versions of this and their other components, as they provide Joomla users with such great functionality for their sites.

Judging from quaility of JoomLearn LMS Silver Edition and Registration Pro 2 I would say that Joomla Showroom has the potential to be up their amongst the best Joomla component providers. Definately one to watch.