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bytez, March 19, 2014
It would be nice if it had an option to resample large images to the banner size. I have (lazy) clients who don't resize images, so it usually is loading giant images when it doesn't need to.
BreezingForms (Lite)
Yes it is advanced and confusing. Quickmode is alright, but still not very easy.

I used it only for a few minutes and noticed that Label tags do not match up to the input name="" part. It would be good if the for="xx" matched with the input id="xx" and input name="xx" (because infieldLabels script needs it).

Backend lets you edit submitted forms, that is good because some extensions don't allow that for some reason. But there is a lot of info at the top that isn't needed so it looks like a mess (payment details?). But you also have to tick a checkbox next to each field before clicking Save, that seems weird and there's no tips on the page.
Owner's reply


A quick look into the docs would have revealed that you easily can access the form objects with javascript using our framework that ships with breezingforms and pass them to 3rd party scripts (there are plenty of examples).

A user of your level, checking for IDs and names of an HTML objects, should at least read the docs. We have plenty of documentation and examples for integration with form objects that demonstrate how to connect to your 3rd party scripts.

With our framework, there is no reason to name ID and name of an HTML object qually (and it doesnt make sense for other technical reasons).

There is also no extension in the entire forms category that takes more care about integration than BreezingForms.

The QuickMode is for sure the most easy to use form builder.

Try all these typical left-drag-to-right form builders when having large and/or complex multipage forms. Happy scrolling. Starting from a certain point of complexity, the QuickMode is the best way of creating forms. That's why we always say, use BreezingForms for more complex tasks rather than simple contact forms. There are plenty of free little forms extensions out there.

However, I would have welcome if you would have tested BreezingForms more than just a few minutes as you state. There is simply too much work in it in order to judge over it like this.


bytez, September 26, 2011
Almost flawless, except the Google Plus options only show on the first article when viewing multiple articles in blog mode (J 1.5).
Owner's reply

This is a module and thus it shares only the URL of the current page. For sharing multiple articles use the plugin ValAddThis. If you really found some bug please let me know by writing to me the details. Thanks.

bytez, January 27, 2011
Stock GK4
It is good and easy, like just put 'ASX:AXA,title;' into the box and it works. Read the docs.

It isn't commercial either, I think it is free. I just registered and downloaded it, no fees.

Output can be stripped down to pure spans with classes and no extra tables or any garbage, so that is good.

You get an out like this

0.000 (0.00%)
bytez, September 7, 2010
This is a very well constructed component. Uses MVC and looks like it is managed by a group of experienced Joomla devs.

No core hacks needed, template overrides and a lot of configuring are all that you need to do.

I would have like to be able to turn off a few of the menu options using Config. I wont ever need Batch upload, FTP upload, Migrator, Comments, Image Upload (I only use Java Upload).

I really love how it removes ALL the files which are not needed and allows you to never worry about 5meg originals persisting forever, because you can set a max pixel limit and auto delete originals.