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bytflores21, August 6, 2014
Skyline Scroll to Top
Great plugin to add a professional touch. Lots of options for color, hovering, or use your own graphic. Top notch!
bytflores21, August 5, 2014
A superb plugin that makes a one-page or multiple page site look fantastic. Thanks for doing all the work :)
bytflores21, November 21, 2013
Finally a sitemap extension that works flawlessly. I struggled numerous times tweaking another sitemap extension to work and having to fix code.

JSiteMap worked without me having to tweak anything! Easy to use and configure. This extension is a must-have for my sites.
bytflores21, November 20, 2013
B2J Contact
Very easy to configure - didn't need support or documentation. Clean user interface and easy to customize CSS if desired.
bytflores21, November 14, 2013
BT Background Slideshow
Couldn't ask for anything more from a cool extension! Quite a bit of customization possible for many variations.

Had one adjustment I needed and received fast and detailed support.
bytflores21, November 8, 2013
I'm planning on installing this extension on all my websites. Very easy to use and takes out all the frustrations of designing a mobile-friendly site. I had a small technical issue and John responded quickly and helped me along. Thanks so much!
Freestyle FAQs
After trying a different FAQ component I installed Freestyle FAQ. Simple, simple, simple. It has a glossary option as well and if I hadn't already installed a separate glossary component I could have used Freestyle's.
bytflores21, May 30, 2012
After installing and publishing the plugin, I initially thought it wasn't working. You have to configure the settings for the plugin. Great flexibility!
bytflores21, February 19, 2012
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Modal Popups
Exactly what I needed for a couple of sites to display content in a window. Customizable and easy to use. Thanks for a great extension!