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bytgelvin, October 16, 2009
I always thought customers should have a choice to how they would make payment... Google and PayPal are great to have, but it would be better to have both as a choice for the customer. There should be an option to have both Google and PayPal for choices for the customer to use to pay for the product.
bytgelvin, November 19, 2008
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I have installed 1.5.0 stable with 1.5.1 plugin and the utilities and media plugins... All I want is to put a google map iframe on my site... When you get this fixed please let me know because I really do like JCE.
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Well you're in luck because I have just released an IFrame plugin for JCE 1.5.x -

bytgelvin, November 6, 2007
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I just installed both the com and mod. Both installed with no error messages, however when I tried to delete the filler info, it would not delete. When I published the mod it crashed my website.

You still have work to do and I will use it when it's not buggy anymore and crashing my website.

Thank you,

Tim Gelvin
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Please contact me in the forum or by email so I can have a look whats going wrong.


bytgelvin, June 28, 2007
DPCalendar Lite
I've been using JEvents for a few months now, although it is also a good component, I must say GCalendar is far better and easier to use... First of all, using the Google Calendar gives me the ability to streamline the excessive need to enter all my dates into the computer. With this I can enter my dates once and have it already imported to my website calendar. I absolutely love this!!!
bytgelvin, June 1, 2007
I have been using this component for almost a year now and have only one wish... the ability to print a calendar with specified date ranges and the option to print in list or calendar view.