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byth3_k3y, January 27, 2011
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Mosets Tree
I've gone through all of the trouble of hiring huge web companies, small local firms and even individual tech geeks to build my directory website.

With each one, they would charge an arm and a leg to get this done, it would take days to complete, algorithms weren't perfect, ect.

I finally got fed up with all this wasted time and money and decided to jump into web dev myself.

Shortly after I came across Joomla (which is it's own blessing in itself) but then I came across the Mosets team, Mosets Tree and Lee.

And I can say they are amazing programmers and the component they've developed is user friendly, extremely intuitive, highly configurable and very extensive.

They've also built a template called Kinabalu that has many additional module positions and template styles to suit many different types of directories.

The component comes with 10+ modules to display top listings or featured listings anywhere.

But the greatest part about Mosets Tree out of all of this is the Mosets Community and Support Forum. The activity in the public forum is constant. Which tells you how many satisfied customers they've had who continue to help "support" Mosets. No matter how good or stupid the question is their are plenty of people who help and respond to questions all day long that don't work for Mosets but still very knowledgeable.

But like none other is the Private Support. If you have customizations or modifications you want to do but don't know how to do them, Chances are Lee knows how to do it.

Lee is a legend in himself, and I think his drive comes out of knowing what a powerful component he is developing and he personally enjoys watching how we all extend Mosets Tree into our own vision of ours.

I've already racked up 44 posts through Private Support and Lee continues to solve EVERY SINGLE PROBLEM or QUESTION.

He also has an uncanny ability to make difficult thinks seem easy...

I am so happy with Mosets and MT, i would recommend this component to anyone.

However, there are some features still missing like combined maps, and dual directories on one site, zip code radius and geolocation, but I can tell that this component and it's team are not going anywhere and I will be looking forward to watch them grow this already amazing directory component.

Compare this to the rest and it definitely stands out own it's own.

(just in time communicating back and forth with Lee...not including the actual script!)