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I have used K2 in quite alot of projects and i really love it. It is easy to configure, as also its templating system is excellent.

It will work for most of the cases, but i faced its limitations when i tried to built a quite complex content structure for one of my projects.

So i came up with ~20 content types (extra field groups), some of them with more than 40 or 50 extra fields.

This was a "disaster" since K2 become very slow for these content types (items) ... and now i am trying to find alternatives :( ....
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K2 is *THE* extension for pushing Joomla! to its limits. It's the very reason top Joomla! sites worldwide use K2.

K2 has richer content options compared to the default Joomla! article system and yet it's a lot faster compared it. Now, how did you manage to make a slow site out of K2 remains a mystery...

People some times confuse crappy hosts with Joomla's performance. I'm 100% certain that's the case we deal with here. And in this case, any CMS would perform slowly...

bythanili, September 3, 2007
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I have installed fabrik 1.0.3 and then fabrik 1.0.4 . I have experimented with both versions, to various environments and my final conclusion is that this component is full, and i mean FULL of bugs. Completely instable.

Many of its supposed functions does not work at all. This component sould not used in a productive environment. The other frustrating thing is that the documentation is really poor. There are 4 tutorials, very very basic. And it is not for free.

Currently i am trying to fix some of the bugs using the forum. The support seem to be quite immediate but still no fix for the bugs.

And for documentation and support is not free! I do not know advanced PHP, but i know SQL and i can figure out how the code works. I think the code of fabrik is quite messy... If i am not going to resolve problems with the product i am moving to something else like facile forms, which i hope is going to proved more reliable...

In fabrik basic db features, like primary keys, autoincrementing, creation of tables and corresponding fields does not work reliably...

Anyhow the framework and the potential of the product is good! But for using it as a stable component i do NOT recommend...And they get paid in order to built their application and then sell it i guess :)

In fact the community who is paying in order to receive support are helping these people to develop their product...