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the whole megillah

bythe whole megillah, November 28, 2011
Multi Sites
Our client asked us to manage upwards of 600 websites based on five template themes based on one set of tested and compiled extensions we created for them.. How do we do that without spending hundreds of hours updating and cross checking and .... How do we keep track of who gets what template, how do we create a copy of the site quickly so we can get them trained and move content in... We came across this extension and it solved all of our needs.

We just purchased the multisite and additional plugins to automate and create our multi site system. Now we can create new sites in minutes based on our predefined templates. We can share data and users at many levels and allow our clients to control only the parts they need to update and maintain their individual sites while we can do quick extension and security updates to the master site. This one extension has enabled us to become an enterprise level website provider in less than 8 hours. There are some complexities one must understand and there are a few rules that must be adhered to but Edwin is really helpful and if you do purchase support time, it is so worth it. We wish we could hire him full time!