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bytheGypsy, November 5, 2010
Ultimate Facebook Like Content Button
What can I say? I read the reviews and paid for it. Sure, not a big loss, but still enough to warrant me writing here.

After purchase it was having issues. Showing up in some sections not in other. Tried over and over to get the settings right, nothing worked.

Tried to log into site for a trouble ticket, it's only their hosting clients apparently that can log in. Ok, so tried the contact form (remember, you are paying for 1yr support) that was a no-go as well.

So, I wouldn't bother paying for it unless you can afford the time and money lost if it doesn't work properly. Support just isn't there.

There are no forums, thus no other recourse for me to get any form of support. I will now be uninstalling it and starting over to find a good FB plugin. The time wasted was more frustrating than the money lost.

Nuff said
Owner's reply

Realy? Maybe you are so noob that you don't know how to login! ALL customer uses the e-mail/password that they gave on order form. I am wondering how you download the plugin without to make login??? How you could not open a ticket you have logged before! You could open on sales department that is public open or contact via contact form as you said. We reply to all e-mails so maybe you have already get anwser. Maybe you are not so patient to find what going wrong! Many customers uses third party templates or extensions that missing tha basics! Bye