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bytheKeeper, November 14, 2008
I don't like to start out with criticism, but there isn't much to complain about with this component/plugin, so I'll get it over with so I can talk about the good parts.
Con: Be comfortable with editing the core code - download, edit and upload files. But that is the only drawback to this great resource!
The install went fine - it was a little troubling to install a component then not see it in the component menu. **I should have really read the forum postings linked to in the description before I installed it.
I tested the form entering the correct captcha, then the wrong captcha. When you put in the wrong values, it sends you to a page stating that it was not entered correctly and on paging back, all my info was still stored in the form - yay! I also tested the captcha refresh and it worked fine. The only thing I haven't tried yet is to change the fonts and used it on a VirtueMart form. Tomorrow maybe!
So, with a few manual edits supplied by the creator, this worked great for me.
bytheKeeper, April 25, 2008
I have tried a lot of calendars. Very complicated ones to overly simple, by which I mean almost useless. This was easy to install, easy to configure, and easy to use. I like the CSS tab that allows for easy color changes, etc. For something simple, yet still functional, this is it.
Wishlist** a module that simply lists a certain number of events.
Cons** the images across the top of the calendar (the Nav bar) are too large and awkward looking - would prefer a text option.
Module configuration is confusing because there are also settings for it in the component.
Pros** Easy - no strange errors or erratic behaviors. The option to limit groups that can publish from the frontend is nice. Being able to choose first day of the week is nice, too. Having categories is also a good point, and I like the backend color coding on the tables, so I can see at a glance which color is for which category. (and the color picker is so easy and fast!!)
Thank you!!