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bythe_observer, January 9, 2011
Simple File Upload
Hi all,

i am in the process of evaluating the various upload modules/components for Joomla in order to find one to suit my needs for my humble site.

I recommend simple file upload module.
It does what it says and works like a charm.
You don't have to mess with tons of options and surprise:
Andrew ,the developer ,will answer to your questions and will modify/correct the module if needed.
In my case he mailed me -on his initiative- and made fixes in just one day taking in serious regard my observations.

There is no manual because it is not needed.You don't have to read tons of pages to make it work.

You will have it up and running (AND modified to your needs) in minutes.

Thought i would recommend the creation of a support forum for this great module.

Owner's reply

Thanks, I really appreciate you taking the time to write the review!

You are not the first to ask for a support forum. The FAQ on my site has done it's work but with the added functionality for "User Defined Directory" and "User Named Directory" I have noticed that I do get a lot more questions... I will give it some thought and probably put something up on my site shortly...

Btw, the name's Anders, not Andrew... ;)

Best Regards,