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bytheainz, February 15, 2011
Art Table
I'd read about the slightly lacking documentation here, but that the support was excellent so I decided to give this a punt despite only working with Joomla, html, php, MySQL etc. since the turn of this year.
As expected I struggled to get it working (due to my lack of understanding of Joomla!) and sent off a support email. Within no time at all I had assistance back on what I was doing wrong (trying to use it as an plugin rather than a module) and had it working as expected.
4 hours later I had swapped about emails with support, had my sortable SQL table results displaying fine and had some product suggestions that would help me with my application. That was on Monday afternoon. Its now Tuesday night and the product changes have been delivered and are working.
Not sure what else you could ask for? It does exactly what I want and they talk to you incredibly quickly to help out. Easily, easily worth the money.