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bythecath, September 1, 2011
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Went with the reviews on this one - but it's a lesson learned. I have come across free extensions that are more intuitive than this!! Three form building modes? Why, oh, why? Can't edit forms between different modes so you're stuck to whatever you started with. The interface is awfully laid out and wordings are confusing (this might be due to the fact that they are not native English speakers).
After a couple of weeks of tampering I finally gave it all up. I admit I'm not great with programming (that's why I bought this in the first place) but the learning curve of this software is far too steep for me.

My two cents,
Owner's reply


- Why 3 form building modes?

Well, that is already perfectly explained in the description of this listing.

- Why are they not editable across each other?

Because each mode results in a different displaying technique. With the classic mode you can move all fields pixelwise, the easymode supports html templates, the quickmode offers managed themes and helps you to get great results in no-time.

This is nothing new and I also don't understand why you didn't try the free previous version first?

BreezingForms is definetly not meant to be a tool to create simple contact forms but if you need something more, then it is the tool of your choice. For really simple things you are right, then it might better to use a free tool.

As for the native speaking:

For the wording, there is always something that could made done better. But that is the case for almost any software not just ours. If there is something disturbing, just contact our support and we'll check it out.

As far as I know, none of the developers in the form section are native english speakers - BUT - crosstec is located in Germany and we are offering support by _native_ english _and_ german people. Nobody in the forms section is doing this. Check it out yourself ;)