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bytheexx, March 11, 2011
Hi there,
We have 2 sports sites and we need to reach all our teams and athlets often to communicate news and to keep in touch.

We decided to test some extention and after some test we went to Jnews, installed all steps were easy and clear, (we are italian, so sometimes some trouble to find out some meanings) and we were able to send our newsletter after few minutes.

Working on, after some days we had a little proble and we went ot the developer web site and we find a "buttom": Live Help.

In a click we were able to talk with support having the problem solved.

So what to say: extention is great workin, simple to manage and help is net the door.

Last the free version i sgreat and the developer policy is to help everyone not depending if is a paying costumer or not.