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Article Preview
Works as described:
I needed to see a preview of a page and submit it for review without disrupting a live site. I was able to do so. The option to choose a menu item helps select a projected layout so you can see what it may look like.

Only problem was the preview is in a pop-up window, but this was easily solved by right-clicking and "open in new tab" of browser for full window.

Great Job, looking forward to future versions and more options.
Vinaora Nivo Slider
Thanks for your hard work, but I agree with JoshLewis review... The functionality is great, looks great and can be customized. However, Why would you (author) force a non-removable back-link "extra" slide without a commercial option. This throws off everything one may be working towards to get their site going. An extra slide messes up the whole work flow. Its good, but sorry, will have to go with another Nivo Slider. Further more, the backlink problem (also in Vianora Cu3er)kept triggering Trojan virus/hack attempts from browsers and local anti-viruses.
Owner's reply

Thanks for your recommend. We removed the backlink and update Nivo slider, jQuery to latest version.

bythejamkit, February 2, 2011
Ignite Gallery
A full evaluation of the extension:
First of lets start by giving a hats off to the developer for working on a gallery that has front end management! If you want your front end users (at the lowest level - registered or public) to upload images, this component will do it. Here is the better trick; If you want to control levels of management on the front end, you can do so with ACL management in the back-end! Sweet. So not only do you have front-end up-loaders, but also front end managers with abilities to publish gallery items. Very important if you don't want your client to see or have to explain the maze-wonder of the back-end.(I know its easy for us pro's.. but lets make easy for others huh?)

Courtesy and Honesty:
As with any growing and developing component, you will incur a slight learning curve. Organization here is the key.
#1) Understand how your "Categories" work first, then understand how then
#2) Understand how the "Profiles" work .. thats it. with these down packed you can create a vast combination of gallery styles, looks and functions!

Post images to Facebook status! from site!
Full range of gallery controls and options hidden or unhidden
Auto image resizing (for good servers.. shared hosting may suffer on this feature)
Auto-play image slideshows with or without fading etc... much more

Cons of the extension and its performance are limited to development which we know.. Rome wasn't built in a day. So be patient and support the developer. Some minor bugs here and there depending on your implementation style and use.

Level of support received:
Excellent - responsive, straight to the point, diligent and fast enough for someone in a different timezone. Matt is excellent.. (please let him have his holidays). There is a comprehensive common issues list on site; if that fails there is a members forum with tons of resolved situations.

I used this component as a solution for a client gallery that needed to be managed with watermarking in two different styles. Other than limitations of her shared hosting account which caused loading errors...Its great!

For the future, maybe added lightbox option, perhaps with integrated e-commerce to buy images if needed? I cant wait. Thanks for this great component and support!