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bythelake, July 2, 2014
Sorry, but to tell it is the "Original and Best" glossary it would need some improvements for styling and editing the whole component as wells the entries. And a bit of support and documentation would also be great..... the forum seems to be abandoned, FAQs are for the remository not for glossary.

For me it needs a lot of work til the component fits in my website. even the language is not well working.....
Owner's reply

It's depressing how often people write reviews without taking any trouble to look at the situation. Please read the "Support" page on the web site, where it is clearly stated that the forum is for self help. It's too bad that people who use advanced software that is provided to them free of charge, but can't be bothered to help their fellow users. There is a ticket system, where issues are promptly handled, and the author's email address is in every code module. No issues have been raised for Glossary in the past few days, so it is evident that the reviewer has made no attempt to resolve such problems as he may think he has experienced. The styling of Glossary is intended to be minimal, so as to fit with a wide range of templates. It is also easily customised.

bythelake, February 26, 2014
Mosets Tree
The extension is quit expensive but you will get a well working directory. Don't expect much support, instead prepare to do everything by yourself. There is not much development of the component and the knowledge base and the forum isn't supported at all.
bythelake, February 4, 2014
Turbo Mobile Component
The first release was not so bad and we were able to use it. But maintenance of contacts and groups had been very difficult to do. But after the update to the next release things went terrible wrong. SMS Service was not really working, integration in our site didn't work at the beginning. They tried to repair and after several weeks we were able to send SMS again, but we couldn't maintain our contacts and groups. Worst of all: They need days to answer a support request - if you get an answer.
bythelake, February 4, 2014
We had a lot of problems with another extension and were a little bit afraid of giving AcySMS a try. But everything went very fast and easily well. We never had such a fast and well working support. Every question and need we had was answered or even get done within hours. The extension is working very well and fits all our needs. This is fun to work with an worth the every single Euro!!
bythelake, April 6, 2013
Same for me: fresh, clean install of Joomla3, a simple site with one user (me) and 10pages, no additional components, nothinhg. but jupgradePro gets stucked.

The forum of RedComponent is full of the same issue, but no support (for that you have to pay)
bythelake, March 1, 2011
At least in the "EasyMode" the component needs time to get used to it. But you will get an excellent support and answered all you questions!
Owner's reply


please use the QuickMode, as for many people "easy" means being "quick".

If your form requires custom html, then the EasyMode shows its strength.

Thanks for the review!


bythelake, March 31, 2009
Google Maps by Reumer
easy to install, easy to use .... not necessary to look further on.
And Mike was very(!) helpful with a question I had
bythelake, March 27, 2009
RSform Pro
easy to install, easy to configurate, easy to customize.
I tried other form-components but to save time and money it's worth to pay for RSFormPro!
I had a technical problem and got a perfect support
My choice for future projects!