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bythellie, July 9, 2014
System - Nomad
This is exactly what I wanted, and needed, to complement my website - we have our staff, and also volunteer groups, who login to view details about upcoming projects.

I can now send the groups to their own details pages, and our staff to the admin overview page.

I use a number of Michael's extensions, and am always happy with them.
bythellie, July 1, 2013
SP Newsletters
This extension is almost perfect for my needs - only one problem: You cannot pull in text from modules.

I send out regular emails to a variety of groups, with the information changing based on time. By setting up a cron job to automate the group the user is assigned to, and saving the email text as an article, I use SP Newsletters to semi-automate my mailouts. It saves a huge amount of time, and personalises the email...

...and the support is quick and friendly, and helpful.
bythellie, June 14, 2013
WDS Twitter Widget
So, like many others I imagine, I realised my Twitter module had stopped showing updates... 5 minutes of research, 5 minutes of downloading, 5 minutes of following the instructions... a new fully functioning Twitter module.

Easy, simple and clear instructions. Follow them and you won't go wrong!
Owner's reply

Thanks and we are always on the lookout for changes that effect our extensions, which is why we spotted this coming and created this module to allow everyone to keep using their twitter feed free of charge. Thanks for your feedback and support!

bythellie, December 14, 2012
Love the extension - exactly what I needed for the work we do. I would say that the documentation needs to be improved, especially as it's a commercial extension - screen shots of what you can type is pretty lazy, lack of a forum to ask questions and find answers to problems, has been an issue for me. I found that the extension stopped sending out emails, probably when the Joomla update came through, so I had to reinstall, purge the cache etc... It would be very handy to have at least an FAQs on his website.

Nevertheless, it's a brilliant extension, which should be built into the core.
Owner's reply

You are right concerning the improvements on the documentation and making it easier to upgrade. We should be able to start working on that shortly, with results visible in the first quarter of 2013.

A forum is a bit more difficult to organize, though. There are few people actually asking questions through the existing contact facilities anyway. It is definitely not a flood. A rather empty forum may not be that useful either ...

We may run into the same problem for doing a FAQ. There seem to be relatively few questions, and definitely no "frequently" asked ones.

In order to move to an entirely site-advertisement -or free-of-charge download and not descend into abandonware hell, we would need at least a thousand times more users ...

bythellie, October 16, 2012
Calculator Generator
This is an ideal extension for me - I wanted a method for users to calculate the fee for our trekking programmes, based on age and numbers in the party. It took a little bit of working out the best way to set this up, but the tutorial helped a lot.

Improvements would be more options in the module once it has been loaded: change variables mainly... and a way of copying the formulae rather than having to key them manually in each time.

But aside from that, this is an excellent alternative to the norm (as long as the generator page doesn't disappear!)
bythellie, September 14, 2012
EasyCalcCheck PLUS
Installed, and running within a couple of minutes... have tried it with the maths problem, and with the reCaptcha option (can do both if you wish)... and it works great - best captcha extension I've tried so far, by a mile :)
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for your review!

bythellie, November 25, 2011
One click registration
Downloaded and set up in a couple of minutes... had a question for the developer, Kim, and he answered the same day... and the problem was solved :)