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bythemintman, September 5, 2008
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I've been using Fabrik for sometime now, and am now exclusively using the beta version for Joomla 1.5 (off the latest SVN's of course) - Things I really like about Fabrik

1. It is very easy to setup connections to databases other than the main Joomla one (even if its on another server altogether)
2. Creating table views, forms, sorting columns, displaying thumbnail images / google maps in tables and editing data is as easy as a few settings in the backend (ever tried doing this manually in php or ASP.NET?...takes at least 10 times longer!)
3. Contact forms that email and save to a database are a breeze (but if this is all you are looking to achieve and you're not keen to learn a new framework, maybe a basic form component is better)
4. The support is the best I have come across out of any free / commercial component I have used

I'm sure I haven't even scratched the surface in terms of functionality of this component, but am confident that all my custom Joomla programming in the future will be using Fabrik (guess it can't even be called programming when its as easy as point and click!)

Documentation is a bit thin for Fabrik 2, but this is completely understandable as all functionality hasn't been finalized yet and I would way rather the developers focused on new features and squashing bugs until the stable release is out (its all fairly self explanatory & the forums are excellent anyway)

One thing that would be nice in the distant future would be the ability to connect to other database engines (SQLServer especially) though I'm sure this is easier said than done

Although we are still in the early days of Fabrik 2, it is clear the framework is extremely powerful and extensible and will be a vital component for all serious Joomla users in the future. Definitely worthwhile investing a bit of time into learning how it all fits together.
bythemintman, July 1, 2008
Sometimes the best things in life (and on the web) take a little effort. As is very clear, CiviCRM is not a "upload & install" 1 click. I have many successful installations of CiviCRM on Windoze & Linux being used daily by NGO's & commercial users. Don't bother trying to install if you dont know what a custom php.ini or htaccess file is, get a pro to do it...or learn. I don't normally review extensions but CiviCRM is excellent and I need to balance the 1 stars...The CiviCRM forums & documentation are excellent and obviously a whole lot of work has gone into it over the years. Can't even imagine what a commercial system of this power would cost! c'mon people, Joomla is not just for the point and click beginners!