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bythepisu, October 10, 2011
Admin Tools
This extension is very useful to:
- keep Joomla website updated in an easy and quickly way
- apply an extra security against common hack attempts (e.g. change admin user id)
- optiming tables

I install it on every website I manage.
bythepisu, May 14, 2010
I was using JoomlaComment in Joomla 1.5 with legacy mode. In few minutes I installed JComments and imported all existing comments!

A lot of interesting options, and have a very nice default template.
bythepisu, October 20, 2009
Phoca Gallery
I was able to setup my gallery in 2 minutes: create categories, upload photos (I done it by FTP) and add with "Multiple add" feature, that create thumbs and links to category.

And the gallery is pretty good also with standard theme, so few or none customization is needed, almost in a first step.
bythepisu, October 20, 2009
DPCalendar Lite
Great, you can setup a calendar section in minutes! Good looking, specially the "upcoming calendar" module.

It can be a good idea to use a Google Calendar for your site, because editing events on Google platform is very easy and powerful, and can be shared easily.
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bythepisu, December 21, 2008
After long searching for PM software, I found ProjectFork really useful: in a single component, managing tasks, archiving files, adding comments, and so on... and everything separated by "Project", also called "Workspace". Very good!
bythepisu, November 14, 2008
In my opinion this is the best sitemap generator component for both Joomla 1.0 and 1.5. It has also many plugins that works, like for VirtueMart categories and products and DocMan documents.
bythepisu, October 27, 2008
RD-Autos Single Dealer
This component is very good, it needs just some more work, and it will become a reference for the online auto showrooms. At first point, it's very easy to manage, and it has good features. Be sure to try!
bythepisu, August 21, 2008
Akeeba Backup
Amazing: you can backup files and database (so everything needed) of Joomla's site in just few clicks and in small time. Good customization options (folder exclusions, output folder, ...). Thanks!
bythepisu, April 7, 2008
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This is what I was searching for... Simply does what it says. Good.
bythepisu, December 27, 2007
It does just what it says: loading PHP files into modules can be very useful... For example, I'm using it for easily inserting Google AdSense code into a module; just copy and past ads code into a PHP file, and load it with Jumi!
bythepisu, December 14, 2007
Page Peel Banner
This is really a great effect. The module is easy to install and works perfectly. Good work!
bythepisu, December 14, 2007
Be Involved!
Very useful for the classic "be involved" effect....
bythepisu, October 4, 2007
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JCK Editor
I try to compare this to JCE.

JoomlaFCK is better for:
- faster
- nicer (office and silver skins)
- easier
- good Flash objects support (for JCE's latest version is not free)

JCE is better for:
- plugin manager (you can enable/disable each button)
- user access levels (you can enable some buttons only for specific user levels, example Author)
- ability to separate user images (each user upload and use images in it's own folder, and cannot see other images)
- advanced links (to Joomla's contents, contacts, ...)
This plugin is a MUST if you want to include a lot of videos in your contents: from YouTube, Google Video, or streaming for your own web server.

I tried it also for including SWF (Flash) files, but the problem is that you can't set the size for each object; for videos it's not a problem (they are almost always 4:3), while SWF file can have different size. So, not good for SWF (but it's not the plugin's goal).

Inserting a video in a content it's very easy; the use of {xxx} tags can to seem strange, for users that never used content mambots, but after a few times it will be very easy to remember and insert.

IMPORTANT: you can see the instruction in ANY moment, simply going to MAMBOTS > SITE MAMBOTS (in admin panel), and switching tabs, very complete and clear guide!
bythepisu, August 23, 2007
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I think this is the best open source e-commerce solution!

1. the integration with Joomla allow to have an unique presentation+shop website, that looks better and easier for customers

2. highly customizable, a lot of features, for different types of shops: support for downloadable items, credit card/paypal payment, discounts and coupons management....

3. very active community at, most problems are resolved in forum, and also many hacks/plugins were developed

4. easily programmable for PHP developers, to customize and expand the component

5. great development team, the next versions will be very improved with a lot of new features

...and so on...
bythepisu, August 22, 2007
AJAX Shoutbox
This is the best shoutbox module I have tried: just does what is needed.

I made it working also in Joomla 1.5 RC, with some code editing, because of module subdir and other mods...
bythepisu, July 25, 2007
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It's only my opinion: this component is good, but not so different from others to pay for it... There are AstatsPro and JoomlaStat that do the work for free...

However nice try, keep working.
bythepisu, May 7, 2007
Google Maps by Reumer
If you simply want to display dynamic maps in Joomla, this is the perfect solution. You have only to configure the mambot (very easy) and put a {mosmap} tag inside content, in desidered position.