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bytheresahj, October 5, 2014
Creative Contact Form
I must admit that it is hard not give this form a rating of "excellent." However, I did find myself a bit aggravated after using the Pro Version to create several forms for educational-based website.

1. Configuration is VERY simple
2. The forms look VERY Good
3. Everything works as promised on my Joomla 3x site.
4. I have not needed help from support at all.

1. I needed forms that I could set up quickly. While, I was able to do this in no time at all for the first two or three forms, I quickly discovered that there was no "duplicate" form option -- even in the pro version. This meant that every time I had to create a form, I had to recreate every single field.

Because I use my forms for educational purposes, I had as many as 15 fields in one form to capture information. Guess what? That meant that for every form I created, I had to RE-CREATE every one of those fields... costing me a whole lot of UNNECESSARY TIME and aggravation.

2. The form "Fields" are all jumbled up together. It's something you realize after starting your second or third form. There is an option to sort these fields in plain sight; however, that option is not overtly obvious. After a while, I got tired of having to repeatedly sort the fields using the options provided. For me, it would have been easier to choose my form and have everything pertaining to that "form" locked and loaded so to speak. Once you get use to it, it's not that bad. But again, when you area already spending time recreating fields that you should be able to DUPLICATE... this adds to frustration and delay.

3. If you are familiar with creating forms in Joomla, then you already know what content needs to go in the "editing" area that allows you to name the form, give the title and change the shake count. Even when looking at the documentation on the website, I wasn't sure where to put MY EMAIL address so that responses would come to me and what fields were meant for user input. Because of where I am in understanding contact forms, I'm pretty sure this was "just me" to some degree, but this aspect of the back end could be a bit more clear. For example, it would have been great if the screenshots had sample input.

Well, in the scheme of things these concerns may seem minor when comparing this Contact Form with others. I found the competition to be either extremely complicated or way to simple. This form has been my best experience as it relates to my specific needs within Joomla, but the time it takes to recreate the forms I need is a bit much... since only a few fields change from form to form.

Anyway, this is a good addition to the Joomla community. I hope the next upgrade captures the duplication and fields challenge. This is why I couldn't give this extension a perfect review.
Owner's reply


Thanks for the review.

In new version we will add a "Copy Form" functionality, which will copy the fields as well.

With regards to sorting fields, probably you missed a "Select Form" filter in the left side. You can select a form, and it will show only fields of that form.

With regards to point 3, we will change the documentation and make it more clearly explained.

Simon Poghosyan

bytheresahj, August 6, 2014
Event Booking
I purchased this extension in April 2013 to assist me with registration for an online school platform. My CMS is extensive in this regards. Hands down this is the best Events Booking component I have purchased for Joomla. It is easy to integrate, and even easier to have teachers set up their own "classroom events."

In addition, the customer service and support is also on point. I do have ONE concern... otherwise I would have rated this component at (5). SO THIS IS MY BUT...

At the end of the 12 month subscription, you will literally have to purchase this component again to update it. While the price is reasonable, this is a hassle for me for me personally. In addition, it means that you will have to pay for the component "like new" each year. If you plan to use this program for as long as it is in development, that could add up over time.

I am by no means complaining about the cost. I am, however, saying that I WOULD RATHER pay more upfront or choose an ADD-ON subscription, than go through this process each year. So, this is my BUT and MY ONLY CONCERN.

When looking at the other components out there, this one wins in the EASY TO USE department and CUSTOMER SERVICE.
bytheresahj, August 4, 2014
JS Events Booking Pro
I use this extension for booking numerous students into multiple online classrooms. Compared to other products I have tried -- and I've tried everything out there, this is HANDS DOWN the best.

It worked PERFECTLY after I got everything configured on my deeply complicated website.

My only concern is that after the 12-month support period, I could not find any details on how to RENEW the subscription.

It seems that the only option available to me is to purchase the component again. While I don't mind doing this for the price, I would much rather have some additional options available like extending the subscription through the purchase of upgrades.

Right now, after just over a year of extensive use my version and plugins have become extremely buggy. I suggest contacting the company to find out how renewal works or even if this is an option. And for the company, I think it would be a good idea to post info on how that part of it works in a visible place on the website.

Again, this is a wonderful product - hands down. Be aware, however, that you could end up paying for it multiple times over which isn't cool if you really like it, and plan to use it as long as they keep developing it. Personally, I'd rather pay for upgrades after one year and perhaps have additional subscription options than keep purchasing and configuring software every 12 months.Currently, support lasts six months after purchase and you get upgrades for a year.
bytheresahj, December 12, 2013
I have to agree with previous posters. The potential of this component is amazing, but it seems that the developers have abandoned ship. Support is ZERO! I didn't even bother to support a request, as the questions I had... have also gone unanswered in the existing forum. The bugs are serious ones, and really need to be addressed as it relates to Joomla 2.5.x. I just uninstalled the component after certain functions stopped working, suddenly. I'm going to try a reinstall one more time, and then if I can't fix it. That's it for me. I would PAY for a component like this if ONLY those who developed it seemed to care...
Owner's reply

My appologies for the lack of support. I am the only developer for PrayerCenter. I am currently serving in the missions field. I have little time/access to offer any kind of support but hope to soon. We will see what the future holds. If you would send me a detailed email through the website, I will try to find you a solution to your issue, time permitting. God bless!

bytheresahj, November 10, 2013
Of all the extensions I run on my Joomla 2.5.x site I must say this is one extension that I am MOST PLEASED WITH. It was easy to install, configure and run on the site. It has also been easy for the site members to use. For the past two years, I have not needed to contact the support staff. That's just how easy it us.

I also want to add that while I can manage my Joomla website and a couple of others, I am not coder or someone who has expert knowledge of Joomla. I do just enough to not be ignorant... and not mess things up to much. With that said, "Setting up and using this PMS was a breeze." I wouldn't look any further than RIGHT HERE. GOOD JOB!!! Keep up the good work.
bytheresahj, February 14, 2013
Listen, working with this JomWall support has been THE BEST experience I've had since I started implementing Joomla four years ago. I know this review might seem over top, but not only is the customer service good, BUT THE PRODUCT DELIVERS ON SO MANY LEVELS - beautiful design, excellent functionality... and it does what it says. It eliminated my need for any other "community building" component that offers this kind of functionality. Where have you been all my JOOMLA LIFE! THANK YOU...
bytheresahj, June 26, 2012
Mini FrontPage
This is an excellent module. It does exactly what it says, and I used it for several months on my Joomla 1.7x website. Unfortunately, I began experiencing a number of jquery conflicts shortly after uploading it with other components and modules on my site. I LOVED THIS MODULE! It did everything promised...

For me, it was like icing on the cake from the front page of my website. After extensive trouble shooting, I simply had to make a decision to stop using it after a suitable solution to resolve the number of conflicts could not be found.

Everything we did only offered a temporary fix. Anyway, I had to come in say GREAT JOB! If I didn't desperately need to other two components to perform some core functions, I would have stayed faithful...

In all fairness, it was just one of those quirky things... that happen...
bytheresahj, March 3, 2012
If I could give this component a higher rating I would. I tried another component and was frustrated to no end for several months. It is feature rich! There are even options that I would never have thought of that I am now using. I do hope that you keep this one in development. It's a treasure for those of us who need it...
bytheresahj, March 3, 2012
Well, I am coming along in my understanding of building Joomla sites. I have 1.7 installed and really couldn't find a comment component to work for me. When I first installed JooComments some months ago I was pretty satisfied. Then, I found out there was a new version. It was everything that I hoped for... and it serves my purposes well. Keep up the good work and thank you for standing behind your project. Great job!
bytheresahj, January 17, 2012
I am a fairly advanced Joomla user, but was looking for a way to build an online school without the complications of a LMS. Instead, I figured out how to modify the forum, add an upload file feature AND THEN add a SIMPLE QUIZ module that I could use for different groups during their learning process. This component SEALED IT for me.

It took me all of 30 minutes after buying, purchasing and installing to get a short demo up for my students. SIMPLE is what I needed, and SIMPLE is what I got. Period. Best of all, it "self grades."

I want to thank you for such a wonderful, hassle free job. I only have two things I would suggest... and this is based on my limited knowledge of Joomla:

1. Enable further customization with user groups. I wasn't able to select the specific groups I've created in Joomla 1.7. It could just be "ME" and my limited understanding of how this works. That's why I still gave this component the highest possible rating.

2. The layout in my admin menu was jumbled together. So, I couldn't really see the instructions for the options available to me. But again, I might have some off settings in my browser or something. I was STILL ABLE to figure out what was going on though because of the NEAT ADDITION of inserting the sample text.

GREAT JOB! I'm sure I will purchase more extensions from this company in the future. Thank you for KEEPING IT SIMPLE... AND keeping your costs beyond reasonable. Great extension....
Owner's reply

Hello. Thank you for this great review.
I would be happy to help you with the issues you have in the Question View, as I'm aware of that problem, but haven't been able to reproduce until now.

Thank you also for the suggestion about the user-groups. You are right, that is not implemented as SimpleQuiz was originally for 1.5, not including the new ACL features.

Please contact me at and I'll be happy to help you further on.

Thank you again.

bytheresahj, February 8, 2011
Maian Media
Great Job! Finding the right extension for something like this isn't easy -- but you all nailed it. I was looking for away to add an income stream to my website. Immediately upon install, it was a piece of cake to set up. I didn't have to know anything really except where my files were. What an example you all set...
Owner's reply

Thanks!!! It's reviews like this that keep me going!!!

bytheresahj, July 16, 2010
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I am growing in my understanding of Joomla, but I tell you... I've tried almost every shopping cart available and had WEIRD problems that I just couldn't fix. For people like me who not only want to offer an easy shopping experience but who also ENJOYS an easy shopping experience, I feel like I struck gold here. I do hope this service grows in popularity. Excellent job, I just don't know what else to say. I would recommend Ecwid to ANYONE who uses Joomla. The potential is unlimited... and the ease of use is well, just ideal. Thank you...
bytheresahj, December 15, 2009
Google Maps by Reumer
I'm a newbie to all things Joomla... and found this brainless to use -- so to speak. It's excellent. Thank you for such a great plugin.