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bytheunknown, July 1, 2012
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We have found FCChat to be the best value chat solution that we have tried so far. It also has plenty of features to enhance the users experience.

We have just finished testing FCChat on our live site and the feedback from members has been very positive so far.

The earlier review seems to be a little unfair as the cost per month is very reasonable, in fact it's the lowest priced commercial solution on the JED by a large margin. We didn't need to try and reclaim any funds, but from our dealings with Robert it seems unlikely that any fair request wouldn't be considered if someone really couldn't get FCChat working on their site.

It does work! The site we have been using it on is using J 2.5.6 FCC 2.3

It's not difficult to setup but there are a large number of parameters and options in the module. There is comprehensive documentation which is detailed and accurate from our experience.

Support was extremely satisfactory fast and responsive.

As a result of our support inquiry a new version was emailed to us which included a new feature for Kunena Avatars. The first patch was unsuccessful, with a second patch being sent within a few minutes which functioned correctly.

The module integrates nicely with joomla visually and functionally. Logged in members get logged into the chat system automatically and in our case their Kunena avatar is loaded also.

The only things we would prefer is the ability for the client to scale the chat window to suit their screen size/preference and some log management with download.

There is a three day free trial period after signing up which should give you time to setup and test the module before committing to one of the monthly plans available.

It would have saved us time if we had tried this extension first. Overall our experience with FCChat has been very positive.
bytheunknown, June 5, 2012
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Profile Picture
I'm not sure what the issue was for the previous reviewer. Maybe a permissions problem or php version or something?

This extension worked as expected for me and is extremely simple to implement.

This should have been a core feature of the new user profile system. I really can't for the life of me think why it wasn't part of the brief.

Lets hope third party devs pick this up and make it a standard.

My suggestion that may help improve this extension is minor. I think that it would be a good idea to have a text string in the profile page which informs the user of valid file size, dimensions and file extensions.

I haven't done much testing with different file types or sizes so I can't comment on how these are managed. I also haven't looked at any docs or readme files because thus far I haven't needed to, so that information maybe there somewhere I just missed it.

I really wanted to put a positive review up as the previous one may be putting people of experimenting with this extension.

Thanks for sharing your work.
bytheunknown, June 5, 2012
Author Info Box
Hi, thanks for yet another really useful extension. Your catalog of extensions is extremely impressive and makes life with joomla a pleasure.

The only thing I would say is lacking with this extension is the limitation of avatar support. It would be really nice if the core team had added the option for users to add a default avatar to their profile, which could be called by any extension from one centralized source. Support for Kunena and other common extensions would be a real bonus.

Having said all that this extension is really something that would be worthy of core integration somewhere down the line.

Thanks for being so generous and sharing your regular contributions to the J community.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review!

Yes, the avatar support will be extended in the next release.

bytheunknown, June 4, 2012
EU e-Privacy Directive
Thanks for delivering another really useful addition to the J community. I have tried some of the other extensions and they all seem to have their downsides.

e-Privacy seems to be the most effective solution I have tried. It's also the easiest to install.

I have a couple of suggestions which I think would help improve the plug in.

It would be nice to have the ability to set the text in the frontend notification from the extension manager parameters, rather than editing the language file directly.

It would also be nice to have an option to assign a url or an article id for the sites cookie policy, which would then render a link in the frontend notification.

The ability to show or hide the link to the EU directive would also be a handy option to have.

Nice work and thanks for sharing.
Owner's reply


Language, no. I am sticking with language files because you can use the language manager to override the English text, and other language files to enable other languages

Cookie policy link and option to disable the law link is great. Look for that in the near future.

bytheunknown, May 4, 2012
Mail In Vote
Your mail vote extension has come at the ideal time for a project I am involved in. The project is aimed at creating a democratic community where the members take a proactive role in many aspects of how the community should run. My initial test of your Mail In Vote have been very promising indeed and the pro version looks like it could set the standard for community based polling on the Joomla framework.
Great concept well executed.
Tag Meta
What a great extension!

It puts pay to the annoying missing META tags in section and category blog views. This is something I keep trying to improve on. I have tried virtually all the tools available, to beat this problem while sticking with the core sef. Even numerous combinations of tool at times and all had a weak point.

What I have been trying to achieve is a low/no maintenance automated solution to this poor SEO behaviour.

This extension doesn't fully automate the process but it dramatically reduces the time required maintaining it. Unless you are regularly creating new section and category blogs, in which case you will need to put in some effort.

The new Pro version released today, extends the options available in the community version.

For many users the community version maybe enough as it is an extremely powerful meta tool with it's feature set. However the cost of the Pro version, comes to little more than buying the developer a couple of beers, upgrading to pro is a no brainer!

The power of this tool is in the application of regular expression to control the actions of the plugin.

The developer has applied sound logic to this problem. Less is more with this extension! The developer has designed this tool to work in harmony with the core SEF/SEO. What this means is, content rendered in article view needs no extra intervention from this meta tool, Joomlas core manages it just fine.

At the most basic level you just need to apply this extension to menu items for section and category blogs.

The beauty of this product is that you can get more involved when and where you chose.

The developer also offers a url redirect tool called ReDj, available as a community or Pro version with the same pricing policy. The tool uses the same regular expression and macro techniques to redirect incoming urls.

The combination of these two extensions provides amazing control of meta data and urls.

Now here is the deal closer, you can use it to apply meta data to components, which don't allow for inclusion of meta data and with ReDj you can control the url, the pro version allows this to be done using server side redirection (nice).

All for the price of a few beers!

Other commercial solutions have a hefty annual fee, require a reasonable amount of maintenance and in some cases additional plug-in support, for other joomla extensions and they still have their own little quirks.

I hope I have done justice to the genius behind this solution.

If you are worried about the thought of regular expression rules don't panic! The documentation explains in more than enough detail, how to manage your urls for everyday use.

I would like to make one suggestion to the developer. I think it would be nice to have an input field with a radio on/off, which allows for a pre-append to the end of the site url. This would allow for site development on sites in subdirectories.
i.e http://domain.not/dev {siteroot} (as far as I can work out) doesn't allow a rule to be applied like so ^/section/blog.html$ the rule required would be ^/dev/section/blog.html$ in which case, moving to a live server in public root or a subdirectory of a different name, would require a change to /dev or its removal. I hope that makes sense.

Sorry for such a protracted review. With so many extensions available on here gems like this are easily overlooked by old and new hands at joomla. IMHO the combination of these two products, will give many old faithful SEO/SEF extensions a run for their money.

Great work, and thank you for making the price point of the pro versions accessible to all.
Owner's reply

Really, really thanks for this review. About your suggestion, in the next release there will be an option (global) in the plugin to specify the base path. In this way all the items will be "portable" and the problem is solved "one-shot" (I think there's no need for an option for each item, because they all need to be moved). I had planned portability for the destination through the macro {siteurl}, but I realized that it must make the source portable too. New versions for both extensions will be available in a few days. Thanks again for all.

bytheunknown, September 18, 2010
Custom CSS
This is an excellent way to add dynamic css changes targeted at specific page loads.

Love in it already!

Great job thanks for the share.
bytheunknown, July 31, 2010
sifi converter
This is a nice little tool that brings some valuable user functionality to a site. It would suit a number of different sites such as building material suppliers to technical or scientific ones.

I would have given it 5 stars if there were more options available for styling height, width etc. An option to set the default conversion would be a nice touch.

It would be nice if you could add this code to your mod_*.xml file, I think it would make it easier for novice or non-coders like me, too add some styling.

Thanks for sharing your work with the community. :)
Owner's reply

Thanks a lot for that review and suggestions. I will definitely implement all your suggestions given for my converter as well as scientific calculator in my new version. A lot more options will be added with the ones you suggested.

I would just like to doff my cap to the team who forked off and brought this great security measure back to the community! I wanted to use another word that rhymes with forked when said with an Irish accent. But I think the JED team would have pulled this review, had I used such an expletive.

Unfortunately, I spotted your release a little to late...I had already changed a number of .htaccess files to bolster up the security - as I uninstalled the old incarnation.

This is a much more convenient method of raising basic site security!

I was a little vocal on the JED entries for the Now Pro version, I had lost some faith in humanity. Fortunately that was quickly restored by the efforts of the team behind ksecure.

Thanks for stepping up and delivering something of value to the Joomla community.

P.S. I hope to be in a position to show my appreciation, more directly in the near future if things go to plan.
bytheunknown, May 7, 2010
Read Less - Text
Thank you for providing your work to the community. You have done a great job enhancing a dormant project.

I think you could improve the effect of your plugin by adding an append to end option. It would be nice if there was "..." added to the end of the output text. It would also be nice if it was a user defined field in the parameters so that a user could link to a custom graphic or just add ">>>" "..." for example.

The only other thing that is a pain with this method of formating is the image handling. It would be great if there were some method of cropping images in order to create a uniform blog intro image. This is probably not in the scope of your project but it would be the icing on the cake to find a solution.

I use a combination of two plugins to do what your plugin is doing, I will be using yours as part of my standard deployment build from now on.

Thank you
Owner's reply

> an append to end option
You can already do just that. Just fill in the html code you want to have appended in the field "Registered Read More Text"

> some method of cropping images
In the advanced section you can set options to a.o. resize the image. Cropping however, is not possible.

If you feel features are lacking, don't hesitate to ask what you want in the forum. Just click on the support button above. It may or may not get included.

bytheunknown, April 22, 2010
In response to the previous review...

I personally haven't experienced any issues with my installations that once used the V1 Jsecure plugin.

Maybe I had removed it before there was an issue I won't be testing to find out.

For anyone else who may experience an issue with site access since Jsecure went Pro, Try this fix before you do anything else.

Go to your plugins directory and rename the Jsecure directory. Then try and login hopefully that should allow you access to your admin panel.

You should also be aware of a fork project of Jsecure available here on the JED

Hope that helps.

P.S. I sincerely hope the Jsecure dev team didn't cause login issues for users of the old plugin!

Oh and my star rating has nothing to do with what I think of the plugin. As I have no intention of evaluating it! The one star indicates a no comment from me.
Owner's reply

As mentioned elsewhere, any problems encountered by people using the old jSecure plugin have been dealt with in the forums- most are the result of human error.

As for your one star rating- this does affect our overall rating so please remove it in the interest of fairness if you have no review.

We switched to a subscription based model to ensure that we can deliver the highest level of support for such an important security component.

bytheunknown, April 8, 2010
Advanced Module Manager
This is yet another great tool from N0#.

If you haven't installed 'advanced module manager', you're missing out on a beautiful thing!

Thanks for all the great work you produce.
bytheunknown, April 7, 2010
Phoca Download
This another great solution from Phoca.

The issue of not being able to move categories is an issue, but overall this exceeds my expectations.

It has a nice easy UI that has a nice logical work flow for the most part.There are plenty of helpful tips provided for the options available.

Out of the box styling is acceptable but will need some work from the developer if they want styling to match their site. I would rather make a few style changes, than write a component of this quality and complexity!

The main reason I have reviewed this component is in response to people complaining about the overlib issue in this product. Some of these people solved the issue and never bothered to share the fix! Not very community minded folk obviously.

If you have trouble with the overlib in this extensions try adding this to your main template .css file.

/* overlib */

.ol-foreground {
background-color: #454545;
.ol-background {
background-color: #ffcc2f;
.ol-textfont {}
.ol-captionfont {
color: #b47512;
font-weight: bold;
.ol-captionfont a {}

.ol-closefont {}

/* end overlib */

Obviously change the colours to suit your requirements.

Hope that helps. :o)

I dropped one star for the category issue, because that will cause problems for people.
Owner's reply

Hi, thank you for your review, but:

- this is not a problem of Phoca Download but of the template. The overlib is a part of Joomla! framework and should be styled by Joomla! template

- the solution you have pasted here is displayed on Phoca Download FAQ site and in Phoca forum there are listed links to this FAQ site, see: (2)

Thank you Jan

bytheunknown, October 9, 2009
In the last month or so the JED has seen some really nice additions. Like the joomla praise adminlite template, Lyften Bloggie, alpharegistration to name a few - while others old favorites have become much more slick as they mature.

Jcomments is a worthy member of my standard stuff directory. Once you have checked it out I'm sure you will feel the same.

The install was smooth and the configuration extremely well set out and commented. You will have comments running on your site within 5 minutes.

Theres no need to type in a list of category, section or article numbers. Just select from the list. To remove commenting from an article just add the {jcomments off} tag in the article.

When posting a comment you can enter text that will only be visible to registered/logged in members.

There are lots of nice touches and supporting modules. A comprehensive list of comment systems can be imported, as well as external avatar sources.

All in all this is a killer comment system looks and feels modern in both the back and front end.

All we need now is Joomla 1.6

Thanks for bringing this great component to the community under the GNU/GPL.
bytheunknown, May 16, 2009
There is really nothing I could add to the comments that have been added here. The stats for the Jfusion project speak for themselves! In excess of 200 comments most of which rate the project 5 out of 5.

If you need to sync multiple software solutions, there is nothing that even comes close, to such a complete and progressive solution as Jfusion.

Top team and a top project in a class of their own.
bytheunknown, October 4, 2008
Hours of Business
Nice little module very quick and easy to implement. The CSS demo cut and paste into your own template CSS gives a nice example style.

It maybe worth mentioning you can also use a in the day field to add a comment which places the comment in the same block as the time. Ideal for adding 'Open Late' etc.

It would be nice if the module could be installed more than once for companies with multiple branches or maybe for advanced warning of public holidays.

Nice job thanks for sharing it!
bytheunknown, September 15, 2008
Pro Sticky Message
I finally registered with

I want to say what a great job you have done with this project. It has been a real pleasure to watch it develop at break neck speed. Some times updated more than once a day. The author has a great sense of humour and reacts to feed back almost instantly including their wish list requests.

This is a must have for any site the uses are endless. Creating new or editing new pop ups is fast and very intuitive. The new component idea is gust a master stroke the module features are vast!

You have just got to try this out if you don't find it one of the most useful com/mod on your system I will sell my sole on Ebay!

Now as for the wish list could you include some timed message and media function so that you could for example have a cock crow in the AM and an Owl hoot in the evening or good morning and good afternoon messages etc. Maybe with a server time off set so you can get the timing right for your home market. Geographic location would be asking too much!

One minor gripe with the upgrade when you uninstall the module you lose your custom sounds etc.
Not a big deal when you know.

Can't wait to see where this one ends up we need more stars for projects as good as this one!

Thank you for all your great work.