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This extension has been excellent from the beginning. It has an easy to use template system, and field level acl support. This amazing feature allows us to use this as the core of our library, while securing full access for only subscribed users.

Also, the support team is very responsive with suggestions and solutions. Overall, I could not be happier.
bythirdhatch, February 21, 2008
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It took me about a dozen attempts to make this work. The first thing I noticed is that the Joomla install must be compiled with PHP5 enabled. For some hosting services this requires a few lines added to the .htaccess file. The next thing I noticed is that you must extract and upload the entire package to another directory, then install from the directory you uploaded it to. This is important because the package is 10+ MB and most webhosts limit the uploads to 2 MB or time-out while trying to upload such a large file.

Once this is done the application works like a charm. However, the front-end integration still needs some work to make it as functional as the back-end is.