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bythirdsun, March 10, 2014
This cart is fantastic for stores that do not have complicated needs, and will suit 99% of stores needs. Because of its simplicity it is very easy to use and setup, and one of the best front-end user experiences out there. If you do need any help, the support provided in some of the best I've seen in Joomla extensions. In addition, the subscription fees are so reasonable, you can easily try this out and see if it suits your needs with nothing to lose.
bythirdsun, January 28, 2014
Eshop has a remarkable number of features and functions. It is easy to use, and easy to style and modify. In addition, support provided is top-notch. I requested a feature, and it was implemented in a few days. I also appreciate a most payment and shipping plugins are included for the very reasonable cost.
bythirdsun, January 24, 2014
My Maps location
This is very nice mapping tool. Works great and has many nice features, with a great frontend UI. Needed a little support with a conflict with another plugin and the support provided was top-notch. I will be checking out the other extensions from this developer.
bythirdsun, March 22, 2013
Admin Menu K2
We install this on all our sites, makes administration much easier for clients. One thing: it will sometimes get removed on Joomla updates. Just reinstall.

Looking forward to 3.0 version
Owner's reply

First of all, thank you for your review. As for module being reset, it's because this is not a new module you are installing, but a new layout and config xml which offcourse gets overwriten on Joomla update. Just reinstall the module and you're good to go :)

Module for Joomla3 is comming soon :)

bythirdsun, March 22, 2013
Calc Builder
Echoing previous reviews, I had a great experience with this component and the support provided by Moonsoft. I needed to create a pretty complex calculator for a client, and they did it for me quickly and correctly, and were very responsive. Highly recommended.
bythirdsun, April 28, 2011
Event Booking
This is very solid event registration component that has the features most users will need. Others offer more bells and whistles, but with that comes increased complexity in setup and use. This component remains very easy to use, while also offering a very impressive set of features and functions. The cost is very reasonable, and very importantly they offering stellar support. I've used many of the products from this developer and have never been let down.
bythirdsun, November 19, 2010
This is great video gallery component - even if you don't use the Facebook functions. Not bloated, but very functional, simple to use, and works awesome. Nice work
bythirdsun, November 17, 2009
Emails for VirtueMart
Does exactly what it says, allows you to easily customize VirtueMart emails. Had a small issue and found the support extremely prompt and helpful.
bythirdsun, August 28, 2009
Art Calendar
This is great way to tie articles to a calendar, and the only component I've seen that does this. I had a specific need that the component didn't support, and within 1 hour they got back to me with a modification that worked perfectly.
bythirdsun, July 30, 2008
This should be the default Joomla editor - it adds so much simplicity and functionality to your Joomla site. Well worth paying for a subscription to get the extra plugins, too - File Manager, Image Manager and Media Manager.
bythirdsun, July 30, 2008
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DT Donate
We use DTDonate on many of our nonprofit clients websites, provides a quick, simple and effective way to offer online donations. The developer continues to improve and add features, and is very responsive to questions. Although very streamlined, it also offers a lot of flexibility with custom fields.