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bythmg, December 28, 2012
Prior to purchasing the component, I was using another shop and had a few issues, but nothing like my customer. I spent more time walking them through certain steps to insure they were completely satisfied with my services I provided the.
I asked another component developer if their product could do what I was in need of, but their referenced to to this product and have been pleasantly pleased.

My needs were to allow my customer's visitors to be able to choose to download their product -OR- the have it shipped -OR- to to have it downloaded immediately and have the final product shipped to their address.

I like the tutorial video links in the backend component, to refresh you when endless hours causes your memory to get a little clouded.

I like the support offered from either a formal support ticket or from their forum that get a lot of attention.

Most of all, I like the simplistic approach to took when developing their product.

If you are questioning the price, please take into consideration that certain formats are free, but quality takes the resources that everyone is willing to pay for. If your store's first impression means anything to you, then look no further that all of the products this developer has to offer. If saving time walking your customer through hand-holding educational steps once a week, then look no further than this incredible product.

Take Care All,
Owner's reply

Thanks for a great review, we appreciate your support!

Vertical Accordion Menu - All in One
I really hope that the title caught your attention, but I hope my review will keep it.

Let me first state my initial concerns before I purchased this extension. My criterias were...

1) The ability for ease of use
2) Fully customizeable
3) Allows more than one per page

With that being said... Out of all the extensions I have purchased throughout the years, this one is in the top three (easily). My site consists of tutorials for both the customer and technician alike. I needed ALOT of "tree-style" menus that worked properly and this item did just that and then some. I had a few issues that were addressed quickly with only one item not resolved. It isn't because they ignored my request, but I was looking for something outside the box.

Remember that I stated I needed ALOT of menus? I have aprox. 200+ products that depending on what page your on, could have three to six modules.

I wanted a component style, one click to change all background colors and fonts quickly.

Since Joomla is still somewhat new and I still major headaches when I need to perform massive restructures, this was a tiny issue.

I like the idea that I can take my ideas and make incredible changes on the fly.

I HIGHLY recommend this product and want to say thank you to the producers.

One word... Incredible.

Take Care All,
bythmg, December 21, 2011
OSE Membership™
I had an older version (Joomla V1.5) that I had limited success with. My site took a nose dive from another component that I loaded (not OpenSource-Excellence) and since I needed to upgrade from Joomla V1.6 to 1.7, I needed some additional features that my last site didn't have. I went back to OSE and upgraded my component, but had some issues that were related to me. I received an email from the support group that they saw my new purchase and asked if they could be of some assistance getting the product loaded. I created a temporary admin user for them and went to bed. First thing the next morning I had another email saying everything went without a flaw and it was up and running!

Not only has their support services been far more customer related than any other company I have dealt with, but very timely.

Now I have been bragging about their support and customer service, now the product... I have had zero issues getting everything up and going. I have about twelve different membership plans. Some that are free, while others cost my vistors a bit of money. Each membership plan was so easy to set up and publish. You can feel at ease when you purchase the product for the first time and when you ever want to upgrade a support package, they cut their charges by aprox. 75%. WOW !!!

These guys should be your first choice for all of your website's structural needs.

Take Care To All!