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bythoeri, June 3, 2009
iFAQ (former MooFAQ)
I love the simplicity of this little great component. Every question/answer is a joomla content item stored within a certain section and category. Has single category layout an muliple category layout. Also great support. I asked the developer if it would be possible to use the joomla edit function from end and within a day he fixed that in a new version. So now I can also edit my FAQ from front end. He also added support for pdf, print and e-mail icons. Super!
bythoeri, April 26, 2008
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Mosets Tree

I used this component for several years. Unfortunately I must say that the latest version has a really bad upload page. The choice of category to put the listing in is so very messy and non-intuitive that no-one of my users understands it. It is also made with ajax and it create script conflict. If you are dependent on users upload listings - go for another component. I have always been surpirsed to see that there is no comment management of the component. So you cannot delete any comment without doing it directly in the database with phpAdmin. Therefor I never used the comment system of Mostets Tree but integrated JomComment. It could have been one of the best and most useful components for Joomla, but it falls on these issues.
bythoeri, January 18, 2008
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Name Meaning
This is a really great component. Even though it is called Beta it is rock solid. Usually it is the other way around. It is called stable and it is just full of bugs. This is not.

I find it very easy to use and maintain. Thanks to clever select lists in the administration it is very easy to select which names to edit or view.

Also the support is great. I asked the developer if is was possible to implement swedish characters in the Alpha index and 30 minutes later I got some new files to use. And it worked immidiately with the swedish characters. I can only reccomend the this extension.
bythoeri, April 23, 2007
I have used SwMenu for a while now and I must say it is the best menu system out there. I have tried a lot of them. This component makes it possibe to create exactly the menu you want and most of the menu systems inluded in this component makes the links searchable for the search engines - which is very important to me.

As important as a good product is good support. And the developer is always very helpful and quick. After switching template I got problems with my menus. This was not a problem of this component but a template problem. Never the less the developer rewrote my template to it work. What about that service? I am used to developers of templates and components putting the resposibility on the other part.