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bythomas777, August 10, 2013
This is an excellent and very flexible tool.

With it I have built a series of questions that give a different result at the end depending on the answers, in the form of a diagnostic tool.

It is very easy to use once you get going.

I had one small template conflict which I asked support for assistance with. They found the problem quickly and added the fix to the base product quickly the same day.

If you need a tool that gives website visitors a recommendation based on answers to questions then this is the right tool for the job.
bythomas777, June 11, 2013
Quiz  Deluxe
I looked around a lot and tried a number of options. But in the end settled on Quix Deluxe.

I have built a school website that needed a flexible and managed quiz system. I need certain quizzes to be able to be taken by only certain user groups (students in certain classes), I need teachers to be able to interact with students, answer questions, and be able to assist students with their quizzes. Results can be emailed, saved, looked up for later reference.

I was able to achieve this and much more with this component. Not to mention its new responsive compatible layout. Which is very important since my site is now responsive. The design can fit into any template very well.

I highly suggest this component to anyone who needs a quiz component that can be managed by the site admins or as in my case “by teachers”.

A few things that makes this component unique and a perfect fit. Is that it is very flexible. This is not a front end community driven quiz system with site visitors creating quizzes.

I have not run into any issues at all with it, it just works, and does what they say it does. If I was confused at anytime, they assist through there ticketing system efficiently. I have paid for a small alteration custom work, and they did so very well and have offered to add it to the base product, so I do not have to keep paying every time there is an upgrade.

So again I highly suggest this quiz component.
bythomas777, February 10, 2013
Mobile Joomla is a really great plug in. At first I was considering to use responsive instead, which is a part of my templates. But after some research, I found that switching to a full mobile design was best. Because this way I am able to ensure that my many sites are truly optimized for mobile devices. I am able to excluding certain module and plugings, or design other modules differently; I am able to make unique articles for the same menu item. Because of this my sites are now well optimized for speed, page size, design elements, and functionality perfectly for mobile devices. I can even do things differently for different mobile devices as well. It can all be customized, and very easily.

This is perfect for me.

That being said … Mobile Joomla simply turns your site into mobile website right out of the box with only a few minutes of install and setup. My above examples are just to illustrate that you can tweak things to a great degree and have a perfect mobile site, if you choose. Or just install and go, and still have as good a site as you would with a responsive template, actually even better.

I cannot recommend Mobile Joomla enough, and of course I suggest it above responsive design strategies. I understand that responsive is all the rage these days... But in my experience responsive sites are not optimized at all, just reshaped. And quite often there are things in responsive designs that don't work or fit like they are supposed to.

Mobile Joomla is free for most of the features. For those who need a little extra there is a pro version. I have needed tech support assistance a couple times, and they are always quick and helpful, we are in different time’s zones so I usually had to wait a bit, but never loner than 24 hours. I needed support once for a very unique requirement of mine. Another time was when I needed something fixed in the core that was broken, once identified they adjusted the source code and patched it, all within a couple hours.

Another thing that is important is to pay close attention to Google analytics to ensure that your pages are being indexed correctly.
bythomas777, February 9, 2013
JW Player Advanced
JW Player Advanced is a great video tool for Joomla. I have used other ones video components and things but none were this good to me.

For one, it uses the very well developed JW Player. All by using simple plugin code so it can be plugged into articles or where ever you need to put it. The module version which is included also allows you to put it into any module position. Another thing that makes this great also is that it allows me to use the pro version of the JW Player if I choose with JW Player Advanced, not just the free version, I need an unbranded player.

If you need a very powerful unbranded video player for your website, with flash, streaming, and HTML5 fall back then this is simply the best.

I did find this a little difficult to figure out, the manual is long, but as usual this is because the plugin and module is extremely flexible and powerful.

I mean the things I can with this is unbelievable. Like a full fledged professionally developed video website by a team of developers. But rather simply built by me… I can, and am using full RTMP and HLS Streaming for IOS devices that do not support flash RTMP streaming. With HTML5 fallback.

I also intend to use the captions for multi language videos. It also has HD support, multi bit rate switching, and really nice looking and functional skins, with full playlist functionality. It supports all major protocols and you can use video sites if you want to use them like YouTube and Vemo.

Again as I said above, since it is so powerful it was a little difficult for me to figure out how to set it up. But WOW, it was well worth the time.

I suggest this to anyone who wants a truly powerful video plugin. If you can think of it, JW Advanced probably does it. If you are looking for something totally simple for a video or two, then JW Advanced may not be for you. You could find something more suitable and easier to use.

Tech support has been amazing, I usually sent him an example of the plugin syntax and asked if I did it correctly (knowing it wasn’t.. lol) With the idea that he would show me by sending a corrected example.

I did this with a few different scenarios and now I am good to go.

So again this is fantastic, the developer is great. Keep up the good work.
bythomas777, June 29, 2012
I highly recommend this component to anyone looking for an event component. As far as it being commercial, you get what you pay for. It is worth every penny.

I tried a couple of components but nothing else worked the way I need or did not look good.

To me functionality is important but also is aesthetics.
I will list some of the pros and cons of my experience

1. Blends in with my template of choice very well. I use a YooTheme template and ohanah looks perfect in it.

2. Has lists, list summery pages, detail pages, an actual calendar, and others, all integrated into each other. So no matter how you want you events to be displayed on one part of the site you can list it in another way graphically in another part of the site and it is all seamless.

3. It also allows people to be able to buy tickets for events online. Setup was very easy, just put in PayPal email address in the backend settings and that’s it. So easy!!!

4. Support has been responsive and good. Must admit I have not needed it much because for the most part it is a very easy to use component.
5. As mentioned above this is easy to use and very clean design. No clutter which I like a lot, minimalist, to me less goes farther. Yet has enormous flexibility and features.

1. In the event list menu item type, it would be nice to be able to filter out event categories, would make the designing of pages and sections of the site. As far as I can tell in the list events page. It is either all events or a single category. But not different categories. Say category 1, 3, 5 but not category 2, and 4. That being said this is perhaps unique to me and would not be an issue to most people.
I highly recommend this component to anyone looking for an event component.
bythomas777, April 24, 2012
This component is excellent, it works as described and the support has been phenomenal.

It is also very easy to use.

When I needed the extension to do something slightly different, they made the changes to the code for me very fast. This was better than expected support. I highly recommend this component to anyone looking for something a little more modern looking than a traditional message board.