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bythomas_x3, June 14, 2012
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Yes it's free and yes most things are working. BUT, if you will experience any kind of error, and you are not able to solve it on your own, than you will be lost.

The developers do not care about users who have problems with this component. If you take a look at the forum, you will see, that nobody is helping the people there. :-(
Owner's reply

Thanks for your review, I'm sorry you had issues and I wasn't able to help you at that moment but if you take a look at the forum you will see that I have 1510 posts helping people with issues, but you are right, it's not the best support but is what I can do on my free time.

Thanks again for your review, I will try to provide a better support now.

bythomas_x3, April 30, 2012
Lazy Load for Joomla!
Really nice extension and works like mentioned, but it has a few lack's, so unfortunately it's not usable for me:

- It's not SEO compliant. Images are no longer visible to search engines when using this plugin.

- Theres a issue with Safari browser: If using the reader function of safari before all images where loaded, you don't see the images in the reader.

- It's only possible to exclude URL's, but not to include them. I really missed the possibility to activate this plugin for just a few URL's, cause i don't want it to use on my hole site. So i had to insert many many URL's to exclude almost my hole site.

- For my intention, the pictures were loaded to late, so the user has to wait for larger pictures (>200kb). It would be nice, if it would be possible to set it by myself when pictures should load.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review and your suggestions!

1.) Can be solved with a user agent detection. Was never asked before.
2.) Was never reported before and I do not use the Safari Browser. Will check it and try to correct if necessary.
3.) Can be implemented easily, was never asked before. Stay tuned at my site for an update!
4.) It's an option in the JS file. Just open and edit it. This as well was never asked before, but it's a valuable input.

It is my opinion, that the JED is not for user support. I do provide a free "feature request" topic at my support forum and would like to concentrate all questions there. I am sure you understand that it is very time-consuming to support on two or more different sites. Would you be so kind and repeat your questions and suggestions at my forum? It would help other users and would fulfil the Open Source idea much better than giving an average rating.

I am always willing to improve my extensions and give them for free to the community.