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After installing this, I added browse members to my site, accessible for all registrated users. With my test user, which has authorization as registret, I can log in as any user. When clicking on a profile, I can see his username and a link where I can log in as that user and edit his profile.

This must be a major security issue. One thing is to be able to that from the backend but from front end is a disaster. I have not found any documentation about how to remove this neither. I would like to see how I disable this "feature" both from backend and frontend before I dare to use this extention.

Except from that the extension looks great and work fine
Owner's reply

Don't worry. Its only you (admin) who can see this "Login as Uername" at the front end.
Its only displayed on same computer where you have logged in as administrator. As soon as you log out link goes out.
No other user users or guest will able to login.