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bythoughtscape, December 21, 2010
Profile Pro for Community Builder
This is a very slick component. It really adds a layer of customization that Community Builder should include and I would love to make it part of every Community Builder site that I build.

Unfortunately, the support is really lacking. Some months ago users identified an issue with one aspect of the extension and Internet Explorer. To my knowledge the problem has yet to be resolved.

Similarly, we were told over two weeks ago that support of the new version of Community Builder was a week away. Still waiting.

What we get are instructions on how to fix the various issues ourselves or we are told to use limited functionality.

I can understand that kind of support for a non-commercial (free) application. But if someone is going to charge for a product they should be able to support that product.

Until such time as this product is supported in a professional manner, or it is released as a non-commercial component, I can't recommend it.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your notice. You are right, there were some delays in product development. Though the unsolved issues were not critical and regarded to additional, but not main functionality of the component.
I am glad to announce that recently a new version has been released fixing all known issues and adding even more features.