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bythrelfs, October 29, 2007
Google Maps by Reumer
If you use GPS to map information, and you need to map a polylines in kml files, then this extension is the business. This extension fully supports display of Google Map kml files on your site (Google Earth kml files have more information in them).
In the latest version of Google Maps, you can use kml files to map routes that previously required a tiresome edits to pull out latitude and longitude in to a comma separated file. This extension means no more messing around, one mambot line is all it takes, provided that you do not exceed Google's size limit for kml files, to display an entire route trip from your GPS on your website.
As for support, I can not thank Mike enough. I need to be able to display information using the most stable version of Google Maps. But he quickly found out that this version, 2.s, does not, as yet, support kml files. So a quick reload of the original sorted the problem. I, like other reviewers have found, it is usually a silly mistake that results in the map not displaying.
Some bits seem a bit of a struggle, but most of this is due to the Google API requirements rather than anything Mike has done. Read the instructions very carefully, and you'll be amazed.
My GPS data now displays beautifully.
bythrelfs, June 7, 2007
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You could call this easiest gallery, very simple to install and very good support in the forums.

Yes I did have some problems, due a fixed Joomla template, where photographs were displayed all over the browser window. But the support forum came up trumps, and it now works brilliantly. I am very pleased with how the gallery works.

I also had the uploading problems shown in other reviews with earlier versions of RSGallery2.

In the versions I am using, 1.12.2 and 1.13.1, seem very fast, and I have not come across any bugs or other problems yet.

No problems uploading or displaying, very, very happy indeed.